Friday, January 15, 2021

How Gamification Increase Use Of Healthcare Apps?


How Gamification Increase Use Of Healthcare Apps?

Gamification is a motivational strategy that allows a specific process to function with further efficiency through the people. Running this process uses game elements in a non-game context. 

So, gamification is basically done for making things funny and attractive. It can be used in education, or business, and even in the military!

Gamification can be anything that can make someone happy for doing any hard/boring work. For example- if you get a toy for getting an 'A' in a test that is gamification. If you get a badge for doing well in the gym that is gamification. If you get a dress for buying two others then that is gamification, etc. 

Gamification can help to grow any kind of business by attracting customers. App development services can make great use of it, which can help to grow your business. Today I am going to talk about, how gamification can help to increase the use of healthcare apps.

Let's discuss first what we do with a healthcare app or what the purpose of a healthcare app development companies is- 

There are various kinds of healthcare app available on Playstore. Some of them help you to contact a doctor, some give you the opportunity to find out your disease by entering the symptoms, or some just give you fitness guidance.

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To Gamify those healthcare apps, you have to keep in mind three basic elements -

  1. Challenge
  2. Choice 
  3. Change

Let me explain, how these three elements are related to gamification and how to apply these to increase the use of a healthcare-related app.

increase the use of a healthcare-related app.



In a game, you are supposed to face a challenge. For example- in PUBG, you are given the challenge to survive by fighting with others. That challenge keeps you encouraged. If there was no challenge that could not be even a game, because you would not have enjoyed that without challenge. That game could not be able to attract people.

The same thing applies to gamification. If you want to attract people to use your healthcare app, you should keep giving new challenges to them. Like- if they can run 1 km. Every day, they will have some tokens or a badge. Such challenges of achieving the goal will keep them active on your app.


In games, you can do some stuff of your own choice. For example- you can choose in PUBG where to land, where to run, or by using which gun you want to kill your enemy. If you were always bound to stick with the same location or same equipment, you would have lost your interest in that game someday.

For the same reason, you have to give the opportunity to your users to make some own decision. For example – let them choose their goal. Keep some options for them, from which they can decide what is suitable for them, what they are capable to do. Give them the freedom to choose how much they should run or how often they should appoint for a check-up. This will keep them more engaged with the app.


Games keep changing over time. Every time you reach a new level, you will find some changes. That makes you keep playing. You always want to know, what's new in the next level or even if you know you will try hard to have it. That gives you the spirit to continue the game. If it was always the same as the 1st level, you would not even like that. Only in a few minutes, you would have lost all your interest in that game.

The same will happen if you don't keep changing the gamification process for the user. Like- you must keep setting new goals after achieving the old one. If someone could successfully reach the goal of running 1 km. everybody for an entire month then set a new goal of running 1.5 km. for him/her. If you keep doing this, he/she will never lose interest in your healthcare app.


So these are the basic elements that will help you to attract the users, keep them engaged, and will never let them lose interest in that app. By using these basic tricks or elements, whatever you would like to call, you will be able to increase the use of your healthcare app.

I hope, now you know how gamification can be a game-changer for a simple healthcare app. Try to apply these tricks and make your app people's first choice. Let memorize the tricks one last time –

  1. Keep challenging the users with new goals.
  2. Allow the consumers to choose.
  3. Make frequent changes after achieving each goal by a user.

Hope these will help you to grow your business and keep people tuned with healthcare apps.

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