SEO Interview Question And Answers


SEO Interview Question & Answers

Basic And Advanced Level SEO Interview Questions and Answers to Get Selected in Your Job Interview

Below we have added the most important SEO - Search Engine Optimization Interview Question with the proper answers. You can read and appear in the interview if you are going for a job in a company. It will help you in both whether you are fresher or experienced candidate.

Also if you want to know about the latest question which are useful for SEO (Search Engine optimization) point of view then you can read the below questions and answers.

1. What Does SEO Represent And Why It’s Important?

SEO stands for program Optimization may be a process that's wont to enhance the ranking of the website and inquiry engine results by using keywords or phrases.

2. What are the kinds of SEO?

There are two sorts of SEO On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.

3. What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is that the practice of optimizing individual sites so as to rank higher and earn more pertinent traffic in search engines. On-page mention to both the content and HTML, ASCII text file of a page which will be optimized,

4. What is Off-page SEO?

"Off-page SEO" is also known as Off-site SEO  refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within program results pages (SERPs). linking to or encourage your website, and effectively "vouching" for the standard of your content.

4. What is a keyword and why it's important?

 Keywords are words or phrases that searchers might use in searches associated with your website’s content. Also referred to as search queries. The program stores keywords within the database, and when an inquiry is completed, it'll come up with the simplest possible match.

5. What is a Search Engine?

 Search Engine is a program that searches for and identifies the items during a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for locating particular websites on the planet Wide Web”.Search engines are the workhorses of the planet-wide web.

6. What is Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics permits you to measure your advertising ROI also as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

  • Users On Your Site immediately
  • Your user or visitors visiting from what country 
  • Finding Out What Devices Your Audience Uses
  • Audience Interests
  • Channels That Drive the foremost Traffic
  • Which Pages Are Popular
  • How Fast Your Website Loads
  • Conversion Rate
  • Top Selling Products
  • Clicks

7. How many characters limits within the Meta Description tag?

It's best to stay meta descriptions long enough that they are sufficiently descriptive. we will add 70 characters during a title tag and 222 characters within the Meta Description tag.

8. What is web crawling?

Crawling is that the process where a Google bot systematically crawls the planet Wide Web. It also can be called a spider or spider bot and it’s usually to index or update pages. Crawlers use hyperlinks to go to other pages, documents and convey information back to the online servers for indexing. Once the crawler visits a page, it makes a replica of it and adds it URLs to indexing.

9. What are SEO tools does one use?

There are many tools that are utilized in SEO to extend the ranking of the website Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Bing Webmaster Tools, Ahref, SEMRush, Alexa, Moz, Buzzsumo, and more.

10. What does one mean by Backlink?

The incoming links to your website or webpage are mentioned as Backlink. it's also called an inbound link.

11. Explain Googlebot

Googlebot is that the web crawler software employed by Google, which collects documents online to create a searchable index for the Google program. Inshort we will say Googlebot is Google’s web crawler to seek out, crawl, and index sites. Spiders, robot and crawlers, they're all equivalent and referred by different names. it's a program of software that follows or “Crawls” various links throughout the website, then grabs the content from the sites and adds to the program indexes.

12. What is a domain?

Every website has an IP address, which is that the location of the website. instead of having to recollect different strings of numbers for each website you would like to go to, we allocate a reputation to every domain which is simpler to recollect. For example, a corporation may require all local computers to be networked within and equivalent domain in order that each computer is often seen from other computers within the domain or located from a central server.

13. What is a SERP?

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) The page that an inquiry engine returns after a user submit an inquiry query.

14. What is an organic result?

Organic search results are the listings on an inquiry engine results page it is also known as SERP  that appear due to factors like a relevance to the search term and valid program optimization (SEO) efforts instead of due to program marketing (SEM) or trickery. Organic results are often seen under the paid results. You can’t manipulate organic results by paying Google but are often improved by having top-quality content and improving user experience.

15. What is web hosting?

Web hosting is access to space on a server to store an internet site. The server must be connected to the web, which usually is thru a knowledge center.

16. What are the do-follow and no-follow backlinks?

Do-follow is that the default hyperlink. When search engines find a do-follow link, it crawls the page and passes authority (also called link juice) from one website to a different. More do-follow links from high authority sites mean the possibility of higher ranking in SERP as backlink remains a crucial ranking factor.


Do-follow Example

<a href=””>Do-follow link Example</a>


No-follow is another sort of backlink where webmasters can tell search engines to not follow the precise link.

Well, it doesn’t assure Google to not follow the links. Businesses use nofollow links once they link social media sites or other third-party sites and don’t want to pass their link juice to those websites. you'll turn any link into a nofollow link by adding the link attribute rel=”nofollow”.

No-follow Example

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” >No-follow link Example</a>

16. What is Canonical URL

A canonical tag, also known as a “rel canonical” may be a method of letting search engines know which specific URL is that the master page of the website, this is often required if you've got multiple variations of an equivalent page on the location.

By employing a canonical tag, you'll prevent potential “duplicate” content problems

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