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Top 10 Sites For Write For Us Magento Niche

Top 10 Sites Accepting Blogs For Write For Us Magento Niche

We bring you a list of the top 10 sites accepting blogs for write for us Magento niche. Because these days writers are looking for high DA and high ranking websites. Keep one thing in mind please follow the rules which they have mentioned on their site.

1. Developer Gang 

Developer Gang is looking for those people who are capable of writing blogs on topics that are provided. But they have some conditions that you have to follow before all the rules before final submission. You can submit a request at

2. A Class Blogs 

A Class Blogs is a high DA website where all writers can submit the request for blog submission and you can have a long-term relationship with them. Because they are looking for those who have the power to understand their requirements. To send them a request please note down an email For Write For Us Tech category they have special guidelines.

3. Business Glimpse 

Business Glimpse is the platform where writers can submit the request related to all topics like health, tech, business, sports and more. So get in touch with please email them at For Tech News Write for Us they are very popular these days.

4. Grass Desk 

Are you searching for the guest post platform on google then you will find the Grass Desk on the 4th number from the list of top 10 sites accepting blogs for write for us Magento niche? And the categories they are love to accept are health, tech, business, love, recipes, kitchen, and more. So please, if you are interested email them at Check Business Write For Us page for detailed information.

5. Chhabra Solutions 

Chhabra Solutions is one of the top-most guest post accepting websites for talented writers. What they have to do is.. Just write an email to submit their request at and wait for 24 for their revert because they already have lots of submission requests. Here you will find the Startup Write For Us.

6. Magentip

Magento 2 may be a powerful yet complicated platform, it’s built for medium to big size businesses. It’s tough to use Magento 2 like other open-source platforms like WordPress or Joomla. When using Magento 2, you'll encounter many bugs, otherwise, you might want to feature some customized functions in your store. However, there’re not many trusted sources for locating such Magento 2 resources. To  send a proposal on Magentip please send them an email at

7. Magneto 

As a number one e-commerce. Mobile Web development company, they cordially welcome you to write down a guest- post for his or her official blog. Guest blogging may be a good way to determine yourself as an authority within the market and build relationships with other bloggers and experts within your field. it's also superb thanks to enhancing your presence online. Magneto IT Solutions are trying to find savvy writers, experts, and professional writers. Who is interested in writing a blog post on different topics? To reach Magneto shoot an email at

8. Just web Development

Just web Development Blog is one among the highest Indian blogs on Blogging, Internet marketing, Social media, Search Engine Optimization, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Mysql, Javascript, and PHP, and more related topics. They allow paid and free both guest post submission, which can help other bloggers to showcase themselves ahead of the JWD Blog readers. Please send them an email at for blog submission.This is 8th on number from the list of top 10 sites accepting blogs for write for us Magento niche.

9. Hyzen

Hyzen welcomes all the talented writers to contribute a guest post on our website. one among the details is to avail your web presence via guest posting. We are actively trying to find talented writers who have willing to write down content on different topics.

It’s helping you to share your bucket of data & information which you've got with others and promote your business at an equivalent time. Here is the highlighter of why we and the way you'll grab the advantages by submitting your informative content on Hyzen Technologies. Shoot an email to reach them at this email id.

10. Delta Pro Hike 

Delta Pro Hike is the last and 10th number website from the list of top 10 sites accepting blogs to write for us Magento niche. They are accepting blogs for health, business, tech, sports, and more. To reach them please email them at They are available for all categories and for this they have Write For Us General page to describe.


Accepting Guest Posts

Contact For Health Accepting Guest Posts or Health Blogs Write For Us

We at A Class Blogs accept Guest Posts, Articles, Info-graphics and Creative Video Posts, etc. If you guys have the talent to write for the best categories like Health, Travel, Tech, Technology Business, Home And Improvements, Real Estate, Finance, etc. Then contact us at

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