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Top 10 Tech Blogs Write For Us Websites to Submit Blogs

 Top 10 Tech Blogs write for us websites to submit blogs

Summary: In these digital times, every business needs as much mileage, as they can garner, to stay in their user’s vision. These ‘write-for-us’ technology websites accept and publish technology related guest posts that not only help garber organic traffic, but also become more search oriented in the long run.

Technology is an intrinsic part of all our lives. Smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets have been a part of most of our childhood and teenage as well. So, obviously, an outward understanding of its basics, development trends and market applications is part of mostly all generation Z born individuals. This also means that they are more than interested to absorb and learn from such content.

There are several technology based websites out there, who enjoy high viewership due to their curated content and who also accept such technology-inclined content to publish for their global viewers and clientele in the form of guest posts. On the other hand, these posts help  their parent technology-based company to increase their brand exposure amongst the loyal viewers of the technology platform. Moreover, backlinks to their business related write-ups gets them additional  mileage and better rankings on ‘Google’. All-in-all, they help businesses get more returns on their total cost to develop android app.

Top Technical Websites that will give you Space

Blogs are basically any topic-related write-ups with more than 300 words to their credit. Remember, 300 words is just a base limit. Effective blogs generally require more than 800 words! Related images and videos tend to give them a more user-friendly outview.

Mind you, technical websites will not be giving you topics like find app developers online, development trends, etc.  to write on! Companies and writers, who wish to get their content published, are required to  look for topics and information that they think will interest a certain section of viewers, and then create content around it. Also, remember, most of these websites include their own set of rules and guidelines they require fulfilled, before publishing a blog. Below are enlisted the best ones of the lot:

Check below the list for Tech Blogs Write For Us Websites.

1. Developer Gang

With a holistic content publishing platform, and a welcoming attitude; Developer gang makes it to the top of the list!

The site promotes all technology articles including topics (but not limited to) related to  AI, ML, Big data, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Web, Programming, Security, Software Development, Applications, Gadgets, Analytics, etc. Apart from immensely readable content, the website offers various digital marketing tools like SEO analysis, business listings, PPC options, etc. to garner viewership for businesses.

They generally publish highly informational and original content with more than 800 words to their credit. They are also good with providing a backlink to business reference websites or blog  pages (as required by the writer) in the body of the guest post or article post. You could read about their other requirements for publishing guest blogs here. The Best one for Tech Blogs Write For Us Category.

2. Info-beat

Info-beat is another top of the line content based website that offers high viewership to its writers. It accepts and publishes trending content based on current business trends, finance, blockchain, startups, mobile technology, digital marketing, commerce, software and lifestyle tips apart from the technology based ones. You could directly fill up the form here and connect with them to get your technical write-ups published.

3. TechPatio

TechPatio is a famous technical content based website that enables writers and technical companies to gain exposure, inbound links and relevant readers via the organic traffic it generates through the published content. The website accepts only original write-ups with more than 400 words and provides options to include do-follow and in-post links for technical companies. The content however should be exclusive for the use of the website. You could read about their other guidelines here.

4. Tlists

Tlists is a comprehensive website with content exclusively based upon technology related lists and blogs. It includes and categorizes write-ups based upon Technology, social media, lists, mobile developments and applications, technical gadget reviews, to name a few. Tlists accepts write-ups with more than 500 word length and content that satisfactorily covers the said topic. You could read about their requirements and connect with them here. Also Good One for tech Blogs write for us website.

5. Xtended View

Xtended View is a wholesome technology platform to publish all kinds of technology related original content. With a high rate of viewership, it helps businesses to find imminent exposure, increase their authority within the industry, increase brand awareness and writing skills amongst the sharing companies and writers. It also helps them rank better with useful content, on search engines. These are the other basic requirements of this content website.

6. My Venture Pad

My Venture Pad is a website that invites and publishes content on technology and business verticals. The content is categorized into most trending page topics of business, finance, technology and lifestyle tips, etc. With a minimum requisite word limit of 500 words, they are always on a lookout for motivational and inspirational content that would interest their viewers. Their other requirements can be read and understood here.

7. TechnicallyEasy

Technically Easy basically is a technology blog, owned and managed by Paul Salmon; a computer enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience in the technology domain. Launched in 2007, the blogging website now enjoys a loyal following and viewership. 

They welcome more than 1000 words write-ups on topics ranging within the various aspects of technology, its evolution and applications. Remember that, Technically Easy only accepts posts from authors of the post only i.e. it is necessary that the author bio and senders match; to enable a successful posting of their blog. In order to get your content published on Technical Easy, you could read about all their other requirements here. This is also we can say tech Blogs write for us category good website.

8. W3J

W3J or World Wide Web Journal is a smart interface website with curated content on the  topics of Business, Finance, Marketing, Digital and tips; apart from technology. The website enjoys ardent fans loyalty and viewership. Thus, several technical companies endeavor to get their blogs published here on a regular basis. There is no set rule of guidelines with them. However, to be on the safer side you should first connect with them here, before you begin work to submit and get your blog published.

9. Technumero

Technumero is well-known amongst its viewers as the optimum platform to find how-to guides about WordPress, Blogging and Search Engine Optimization related topics. They also accept other guest posts on Product Reviews, Blogging options and Web Development resources like WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Web Hosting as well as in depth information about Android, iOS, Mac & Windows based Software and other consumer techs. However, before you begin writing for them, mail them your idea and its basic summary to or fill in the form here. Work on the write-up once your idea gets accepted.

10. TechSightings

TechSightings is one of the leading technology informative online platforms across the globe. Managed by Martin, a technology enthusiast curates all submitted content with an aim to provide tech sighting’s viewers with relevant and meaningful ideas in the field of technology. They publish blogs ranging from 700 to 2500 words. Other guidelines are stated here.

Final Words

If you are a talented writer with a technology related background or an aspiring business owner; we sincerely hope the above curated list of websites provides you with the base platform to showcase your products, services and skills to garner your intended viewership.

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