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How to Merge Outlook PST Files Perfectly?

How to Merge Outlook PST Files Perfectly?

In today’s time, Globalization and industrialization have started to develop at a steady pace. So with the continuous developments, email plays a very crucial role in day to day working of the corporate companies. 

Since a lot of clients are connected to the services of email and it is worth noting that Microsoft Outlook is the most favourite email application preferred by the users for both business and home purposes. As we all are aware that outlook releases new versions from time to time aiming towards proving its users with better storage and security. 

So, now users are upgrading themselves from the old version of outlook to the new version so as to improve their workings. This article hereby brings the best possible solution to your problem and discusses the best methods to merge PST files into a single file without duplicates.

Have a look at what is PST file?

Therefore, before moving further to any informative methods one must know what are PST files and what is their actual function? PST is basically a personal storage folder in Outlook that contains all the essential data of the user such as email, contacts, notes and a lot more. It allows the users to export all his important files that are in .pst format as well as allows the import of data in outlook. Different versions of outlook have different size limitations that range maximum up to 50GB. 

As a user, you must know the fact that Outlook 90 to 2000 supports the ANSI PST file format whereas, on the other hand, Outlook 2013 and the latest versions support the UNICODE PST file. So, if you want to merge your multiple PST files into a single file, you should use Shoviv PST merge software for the task as it is believed to be the safest and easiest way for the task. 

Now, before adopting any particular software, you may ask what are the benefits of actually having a single file instead of multiple files from the point of view of the user? 

Benefits of merging multiple PST files into a single file:
• It is an extremely difficult task to handle multiple files and there are high chances of data getting misplaced or damaged. Therefore, merging multiple PST files into a single file becomes easy to manage. This also prevents data corruption. 
• Outlook supports the import of a single file at a time. So, if you combine multiple files into a single one importing them in outlook becomes easy. 
• Multiple PST files often affect the performance of the outlook. So, it is always a good option to merge them all into a single PST file for the smooth performance of outlook without hanging. 
The best solution to merge multiple PST files into a single file:

Some more astounding feature of Shoviv PST merge are mentioned below in detail:

1. Multiple files at one time – in case you have more than one file that you wish to merge then you do not have to select the files one by one separately, but, all the files can be combined at once by importing all the files in the software one after the other in a single attempt. 
2. Easy merging of files – this software provides you with the easiest and the simplest way of merging two or more files into a single PST file.
3. Merge PST contacts – in case the user wishes to merge all the contact details in different PST files into a single file, then the software also permits this facility. The entire process does not cause any change in the meta properties of the contact folder during the merging process. 
4. Supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files – this software allows the users to combine the files of all the versions may it be ANSI or UNICODE PST file without any difficulty.
5. Supports the merging of all sizes of the file – whether the size of the file is bulky or small, the process of merging is never disturbed in any manner, no matter whatever the size is. 
6. Display of progress report – the user can always see the progress report of the entire merging process, while the software completes its function of merging the data. The proper display of the report helps the user to take chances in the process if required. 
7. Supportive to all versions – Shoviv PST Merge software runs smoothly on all versions of Windows. As a user, you can install it n any of your systems without hesitation and avails all the amazing benefits of the software. All the versions ranging from ancient to new versions of Windows OS are applicable for merging the PST files using this software. 

A free demo/trial version of the Shoviv PST Merge Software is also available to download. The free version has some limited features that allow processing the first 50 items per folder. If you want to access all features, you have to purchase the licensed version of the software.

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