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Hiring and Managing Digital Marketing Professionals for Your Law Firm


Hiring and Managing Digital Marketing Professionals for Your Law Firm

If you own a law firm, having a team of digital marketing experts is crucial since everything nowadays evolves on the internet; however, choosing the best one might be challenging. Most clients search for a law firm online if they need any help regarding legal matters. That's why you must improve your online visibility as much as possible.

Your law firm must develop a well-defined digital marketing strategy to reach the target audience. To achieve fast results, you should hire digital marketing professionals for this job who can help you achieve the desired results for your firm. Whether you hire an in-house team or an agency is entirely up to you.

How do you select these professionals for your law firm? What is the procedure to follow, and what are your options? Let's discuss this and much more in today's blog.

Do You Need an In-House Digital Marketing Team or an Agency?

First, you must decide whether you want an in-house team of professionals or an agency to handle your marketing requirements.

Do you need a higher conversion rate or more leads generated from your website? Both the individuals and the agency do this for you. Using their expertise and skillset, their marketing professionals identify and rectify your law firm's website errors to help you achieve your goals.

Before making your first move, please consider the following! It is not unreasonable to expect a single individual or two to manage all the marketing activities. Even the most talented digital marketing specialist can only do specific things in a limited time with few resources.

During the early stages of your law firm's development, you can handle all your marketing needs with a single in-house marketing expert. While your firm may require more than one person or agency as it grows and competition increases.

If you want to hire an agency for your law firm, click here to contact experts. 

What's Better, an In-House Team or an Agency?

To increase your website ranking and generate revenue, you must use a comprehensive approach to digital marketing. You may not select a digital marketing expert in on-page SEO but not anything related to marketing.

Instead, a digital marketing agency can provide high-quality marketing services for your law firm by gathering experts from various industries under one roof. Ultimately, it is your law firm's needs that matter. Whether to employ a team of marketers or hire a digital agency depends on you.

If you have enough budget, then go for an agency; otherwise, choose someone who has expertise in all fields of digital marketing and has achieved successful results in the past. If possible, hire 2–3 individuals based on their skill set and see how it goes.

Employing Marketing Professionals In-House

For an in-house team, as discussed, you must hire more than one person, depending on their skill sets. You can also go for a full-stack marketer that has multiple skills, such as:

  • Planned marketing
  • Purchasing media
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • Creating stories
  • Link building and technical SEO
  • Managing social media
  • Optimization of conversions
  • Metrics and analytics

A single person with these multiple skills can save you a lot of money, but in the end, it might become too difficult for them to do everything. So instead, go for multiple professionals with different expertise to achieve the best results for your firm.

What Should Your Digital Marketing Team Look Like?

The three critical roles you need to focus on when building your digital marketing team are:

  • Content Team
  • The Acquisitions Team
  • Monetization Team

Your team should consist of a variety of marketing professionals. There is no golden rule as to how many should be included. This will vary based on your law firm's financial resources and marketing requirements. Despite this, you should at least hire one professional from each area.

The Content Team

The content team is responsible for creating, sourcing, and managing your website content. The content includes blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, social media, white papers, etc.

It is crucial to carefully handpick the individuals who will be working on your content section. It represents the first impression your prospects will have of your firm.

The Acquisition Team

The team acquires customers using a lead generation and acquisition strategy. The acquisition team monitors analytics, tracks KPIs, and manages organic and paid traffic.

There is no doubt that analytical tools are essential, as they provide time savings by eliminating non-essential marketing activities. The acquisition team will acquire new customers.

The Monetization Team

The primary objective of your law firm is to generate revenue. Besides generating revenue, the team focuses on creating a plan to drive your law firm's success.

Optimizing conversions through split testing and improving email marketing strategies will be among the responsibilities of this team. For this role, you should employ marketers with expertise in analytics, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

Begin The Hiring Process

Now that you understand what team you need and what qualifications they must have, you can begin the hiring process.

Qualifications and job description. Prepare a detailed job description that describes the responsibilities and qualifications required for the position. Communication skills, familiarity with relevant software/tools, and legal marketing experience are all needed.

Recruitment. Utilize job boards, industry-specific websites (LinkedIn), and social media to advertise the job opening—interview candidates to determine their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Find candidates who have experience in digital marketing campaigns for the legal industry.

If you want to hire an agency, find someone in your local area who provides digital marketing services. To find a reputable agency, rely on recommendations from trusted sources.

Training and Evaluation Process

For your in-house team after hiring, give them a thorough onboarding process. Train them on your brand's operation, including your target audience and specific strategies.

Ensure that your digital marketing professionals are regularly monitored and evaluated. Examine how well they can generate leads, improve online visibility, and contribute to the organization's growth. Encourage their professional development by providing feedback.

Ensure your digital marketing team collaborates with lawyers, paralegals, and client services within your law firm. Encourage regular communication channels for alignment, brainstorming, and idea sharing.


Your firm must utilize digital marketing to remain competitive in the legal market. Therefore, a marketing agency or a dedicated marketing team is necessary. Law firms can thrive in a digital world with the right professionals armed with the legal industry's knowledge and skills.

Whether you want an in-house team or an agency depends on you. Several skilled marketing professionals work together in a qualified marketing agency to accomplish your marketing objectives.

On the other hand, a marketing professional can’t excel in all areas of marketing, and it might be difficult for them to handle all your requirements simultaneously. 

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