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The Ultimate Food Tour of Patna -Try Out the Famous Chaats Here


The Ultimate Food Tour of Patna -Try Out the Famous Chaats Here

Patna, the capital city of Bihar, is the ideal merger of rich history and culture. However, its specialty does not limit to only that! Bihari cuisine is gaining ample impetus because of its delicious flavors and rich foods. The flavor-filled land of Patna offers unique delicacies that tingle your taste buds in all forms. The famous Chaat in Patna is one such dish that never fails to impress you with its spiciness, tanginess, and intense flavors. Just like you get to enjoy a variety when you try food in hillion mall, you can enjoy a variety of chaats in Patna.

The origin of the term Chaat primarily derives from the sensation and taste of Chatpatta -described as sweet, salty, and tangy in most savory foods and snacks. The intense flavors of this must-have staple dish in Patna hit the sides of your tongue as you relish the slightly soggy crispiness of the dish’s Papdi and other fried pastries and breads. For the best-ever experience, you can now opt for home food delivery in Patna from Swiggy. 

The Best Chaats to Try in Patna 

The famous Chaat in Patna offers an intense culinary experience that you cannot resist. Different variants of Chaats originated in different parts of the nation while depicting predominance in this part of the country. Here are some of the most famous variants of Chaats you can order through home food delivery in Patna: 

1. Aloo Chaat 

Delhi-style Aloo Chaat in Patna is a flavorful dish or snack prepared with shallow-fried potatoes that are topped with rich chutneys for the ultimate deliciousness that effectively delights your tastebuds. It is an easy and quick recipe and can be a great addition to your next family get-together or a game party.  

In addition to parboiled potatoes, the famous snack dish also features the goodness of other ingredients like chopped onions and Chana. The entire dish is generously garnished with chutneys and spices to enhance the overall flavors. It is a great Chaat for foodies and can be ordered from the local street stalls or vendors across Patna. 

2. Bhelpuri 

It is a perfect evening snack. Primarily, Bhelpuri is a famous savory snack hailing from North India. It is also a famous type of Chaat. The dish is prepared by blending puffed rice with vegetables and a tangy tamarind chutney. The snack is prepared to feature a slightly crunchy texture throughout. 

Bhelpuri in Patna is made by using puffed rice along with Sev (a noodle-shaped fried snack made out of Besan flour) mixed with onions, potatoes, chutney, and Chaat masala, along with a mixture of fried snacks as the ultimate base.  

Bhelpuri features a perfect balance of salty, sweet, spicy, and tart flavors with varying textures as well -right from crunchy to crispy from the fried Sev and puffed rice. Some of the other common ingredients that are added to the base of the dish are chilis and tomatoes. In Patna, recipes also feature boiled potatoes that are cut into smaller pieces. 

3. Aloo Tikki Chaat 

Aloo Tikki is a flavorful patty that is prepared out of mashed potatoes. The Chaat recipe is generously dipped in lots of creamy yogurt and tangy chutneys while being sprinkled with Sev. Aloo Tikki Chaat is one of the most famous local recipes in Patna. Both locals and tourists here savor the intense flavors of the dish that is served across famous cafes and street side stalls. 

A flavorful plate of Aloo Tikki Chaat comprises crispy or kurkuri potato patties topped with spicy and tangy chutneys along with cramy whipped yogurt, green chutney, fresh cilantro, sweet tamarind chutney, a generous sprinkle of Chaat masala and chopped green chilis (based on your level of spiciness). The best part of the famous evening snack is that it can be prepared with immense variations by personalizing it according to your preference of toppings.  

Sweet, spicy, sour, crunchy, crispy, and tangy -Aloo Tikki Chaat in Patna is a legendary snack-time dish when it comes to satisfying your sudden hunger pangs.  

4. Sev Samosa Chaat 

It is yet another delicious Chaat version in Patna. Sev Samosa Chaat or simply Samosa Chaat combines the classic tastes of flavorful Samosas with a variety of intense spices and chutneys. The crispy, flavor-filled Samosas are broken into smaller pieces and topped with a generous serving of yogurt, Chana masala, green chutney, tamarind chutney, and a sprinkle of rich Chaat masala.  

The Chana masala used in this variant of street-famous Chaat in Patna is prepared by combining boiled chickpeas along with a spicy and tangy gravy made with tomatoes, onions, and several other spices. The mixture is then topped generously with broken pieces of Samosa along with a serving of creamy, whipped yogurt. This helps in cooling down the heat out of spicy chutneys and other spices. 

5. Papdi Chaat 

Papdi Chaat or Dahi Papdi Chaat is yet another famous variant of Chaat prevalent in Patna. The dish is famously served across leading Chaat stalls of the bustling city. It primarily features crispy, fried flour crackers that are enhanced with the addition of spicy, tangy chutneys, cooked chickpeas, potatoes, spices, and cooling yogurt.  

This famous North Indian Chaat recipe features all intense flavors in one bite -tangy, spicy, and sweet. The texture of the snack is also quite complex. You can enjoy the delectable textures of crispy Papdi along with crunchy pomegranates, and creamy yogurt -all coming together to bring about an explosion of flavors in your mouth.  


With a myriad of options to try from, you can depend on the intense, flavorful tastes of the all-time famous Chaat dish in Patna. A number of cafes and street-side vendors offer this delicious preparation with their own customized variations. Make the most of your trip to the city by indulging in the divine flavors of this must-have evening snack. You can also order it online from Swiggy. 

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