Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Growing Love for Dry Aged Steak

If you look into a steakhouse menu, you will come to note that dry-aged steaks are comparatively the most expensive of them all. That makes one wonder what is so special about dry-aged steak for it to have such a costly price tag on it?

Some things in the world just get better with time, such as music, wine, and even dry-aged steak. In fact, the process of dry-aging goes back thousands of years, where it was the only method to store fresh meat. The technique involves taking a piece of meat and places it in a room with a controlled environment where it undergoes a flavorful transformation. The moisture is evaporated, and the natural enzymes in the muscles break it down slowly, which makes it tendered over time. Hence, the dried beef is considered a delicacy for meat lovers all around the world who are willing to splurge large amounts of money to indulge in its delicious taste.

One of the things that make it so popular is the unique taste. The time it takes for the beef to develop creates an unforgettable aroma that hangs onto the meat for long periods of time, further developing the meat and intensifying its flavor.

It is also considered the best meat for ripening. People who invest in meat ripening want their efforts to bear fruit; however, this task can only be achieved with high-quality goods and a high-class ripening cabinet. Dry aging can only be possible with fresh meat, particularly in large portions and fat marbling. And for good dry-aged meat, it is important to keep the animals in a species-appropriate place as happier animals mean better meat quality which we can only experience with dry aging.

Moreover, the dry-aging process requires a precise technique that cannot overlook all the complex steps to make the perfect meat. This means that not only do they need to watch out for the time, but they also have to monitor the beef to ensure that it is constantly being exposed to favorable conditions. This commitment is a massive factor behind why dry-aged meat will always be one of the tastiest steaks available on the market.

Additionally, one of the great things about dry-aged meat is that it goes one step ahead compared to other beef when cooked. Cooking dry-aged meat, such as a dry aged filet mignon, it will allow the molecules inside it to wake up from the heat, which further intensifies its smell and taste, similar to a nuttier and almost cheese-like flavor.

For these reasons, many people crave dry-aged steak and consequently, turn their attention towards the Chicago Steak Company. Founded in 2007, this company is a highly acclaimed American retailer of seafood and steaks which specializes in selling Premium Angus Beef, USDA Prime Wet Aged, USDA Dry Aged Prime Beef, and American Wagyu. It is also one of the most famous places known to provide the best dry-aged steaks across the United States. 

Knowing well just how delicious dry-aged steak can be, Chicago State Company has met the public's demand by creating a dry-aging facility with an extended capacity that allows beef to age between 20 to 49 days. To ensure the meat is being properly made, their facilities include humidity regulators, fans, black lights, and various other equipment that aid in its aging process. For this reason, a report by the United States Dry Aging Beef Market has listed this company as an influential player in the dry-aging beef industry.

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