Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Getting the freedom and confidence to do renovations

 Getting the freedom and confidence to do renovations

As a homeowner you’re in charge of making important decisions. One of those decisions is home renovation before selling. In order to have a successful home renovation project, you need to have both freedom and confidence. The problem is, most people have neither. 

The average couple that owns a house probably isn’t as in-tune to renovation as Chip and Joanna Gaines. And who has enough time on their hands to manage an entire remodel? 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Revive Concierge is here to give you both freedom and confidence within the home renovation process. We want you to maximize your profit with our stress-free system.


True freedom is doing what you want, when you want to do it. When it comes to home renovation, people lack the freedom to get the most out of their property.

That’s why Revive Concierge has the vision of democratizing home renovation. Having freedom means you shouldn’t have to worry about a lack of funds or spending long hours doing research. 


We know your time is occupied with work, family, and other obligations. The last thing you want is something else to check off of your “to do” list. 

You don’t have to interrupt your personal life by stressing out over a home renovation project--especially when you can let experts do it for you instead. Working with Revive spares your time because you don’t have to handle any project managing or coordination. We have experts for every step of the home renovation process doing what they do best from finding the right contractors to budgeting.

The best part is that it can all get done while you’re out for date night or at a dance recital. By removing yourself from the equation and letting experts take the lead, you’ll have a turnkey home that can sell for more.


Unless you liken yourself to Warren Buffet, lack of capital is a huge reason why people think twice before doing a home renovation project.  Revive fronts your funds which eliminates loans, interest rates, and additional fees. With free capital going into your project, you won’t feel the pressure of rushing through renovations before your debt piles up. 


You have so many options during renovation that you might not know where to even start. Plus, even if you did know where to start, you most likely wouldn’t know the best prices, contractors, and materials to get going right away.

It’s overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you partner with the right people. Our experts advise you to think with the end in mind by asking the right questions.

We help you by mapping out your goals such as: 

  • How long it will take 
  • The value of your home after finish 
  • What the home will look like


Confidence is defined as a feeling or relief that one can rely on with trust. The fast moving real estate market could dampen your confidence because of how competitive it is. There’s a lot of moving pieces along with trends and changes in prices. Being confident as you study what buyers and sellers are doing is a real challenge. 

Revive Concierge always tries to keep your confidence high during the renovation project. Using our service, you can confidently turn your home into a hot turnkey property quickly. We mitigate your risk and focus on selling your home for a maximum profit. Our service comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Guidance Through the Process 

From start to finish, our experts are there to guide you through the process. The Revive experts are transparent with you by mapping out the highest value choices. They’ve done thousands of projects and know what sells. You’ll be connected with reputable partners in our network such as realtors and service providers. The whole network is on your side, as we take on the tedious work in the home renovation process. 

Trusted Contractors

Contractors often get a shaky reputation for doing an abundance of uncessessary renovations and overspending. Our trusted contractors are fully insured and vetted, who only keep your best interest in mind. Revive has close relationships with contractors in every market we do business in--which is continuing to grow rapidly. We’ve already used them in the past which means they have a quality track record with us and meet our high standards.

On the flip side, contractors prioritize our projects because we give them consistent business in a thriving partnership. This means your renovation project will get done faster along with competitive prices for a maximum ROI. There’s no fluff in between the process. 

Maximize ROI 

One of our main goals is to maximize your ROI on a home renovation project. On average, our clients receive a 150% return on investment. We work quickly and lay out an entire plan from start to a beautiful turnkey home. We are democratizing home flipping by giving you access to our funds and taking care of the heavy lifting for you. In return, you reap the benefits of receiving top dollar for your home. 

How do you ensure that you get a maximum ROI for your renovated home? 

First, we conduct market analysis with realtors to get an accurate sales price before renovation even starts. An accurate budget is created which we’ve done time and time again. There won’t be any unexpected costs. Finally, we source the best available materials. We know what designs are currently trending and which ones provide the most value within your budget. 

Confidence and Freedom at Your Fingertips

We want you to feel free and confident when you decide to renovate your home and sell it. The traditional “do it yourself” method of transforming your home into a turnkey property is stressful and overwhelming for many. With Revive, you can talk to an expert who maps out the entire process for you, start to finish. You’ll be connected with our entire real estate network of experts who will maximize your profit for you. Let us handle the heavy-lifting with confidence, while you continue to live your life with freedom. 

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