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Japanese Perfume: History, Meaning, and Buying Guide

Japanese Perfume History, Meaning, and Buying Guide

Perfume is one of the indispensable items for many people nowadays. Japanese perfumes are also very famous in the world and have their own unique scents. There are many perfumes from famous brands around the world. In Japan, the Japanese perfume market is also very developed with many different types. If you want to know more about Japanese perfumes and how to ship perfume, please refer to the following information.

1. History of the perfume industry

The perfume industry has been growing for a very long time in the world. Each country will have its own history of development and scent creation. In Japan, the history of perfumery also goes back to ancient times and has developed into a leading perfume industry in Asia as well as in the world.

Since ancient times in Japan, merchants or wealthy families used small boxes of powdered fragrances and hung them on their kimonos to create scents. Clothes are impregnated with these fragrances and create unique scents that only the rich and merchants here have.

Later, the fragrance industry was gradually developed by crafting methods in Japanese families. By the 17th and 18th centuries, a number of families operated as private businesses to manufacture basic perfume bags and scent boxes. Most of the materials are imported from Asian countries such as China or India.

After World War II, Japan's perfumery industry gradually recovered and developed rapidly. Many businesses have begun to research and create perfumes with many different scents. Japanese perfumery has been introduced to many parts of the world and has brought the country's perfumery industry to new heights.

2. The meaning of scent in Japan

If in other countries, perfume is a type used to create the scent and mask the scent of the body, in Japan this is a completely different thing. The Japanese do not use perfume as a way to create a scent for the body because they are afraid of disturbing and affecting others.

However, scent in Japan has a distinct meaning in culture, religion, and life. Japanese scents often focus on natural scents, not to show off and not as a way for them to show their class. This scent is like subtlety in Japanese life.

Scents from nature are very popular among the Japanese because they are pure, not too harsh, and carry characteristic aromas, showing harmony with nature, and bringing comfortable feelings to life.

3. Features of Japanese perfume

3.1. The scent is fresh and gentle

Japanese perfumes do not carry scents that are too obvious, do not smell sweet or seductive like perfumes from Europe or America, but often bring gentle and delicate scents.

3.1. The scent is fresh and gentle

Japanese perfumes are not only aimed at creating specific scents, making an impression or difference, but also bringing about olfactory, tactile, and spiritual feelings. The scent of Japanese perfume has a freshness, and lightness with typical scents of purity like the traditional culture of the Japanese people.

3.2. Bringing the user the freshest, most comfortable feeling

The use of perfumes that are too strong will cause many unpleasant problems for others. Especially strong odors, clearly showing the scent when in contact or in collective environments. This is one of the things that Japanese people will be very uncomfortable with and affect the people around them.

In Japanese culture, it is impolite to influence others. Therefore, the use of perfume will also be very subtle, not to show your fragrance but also to bring a pleasant fragrance, bring comfort to others as well as create spiritual fragrances.

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Hopefully, through this article, you have a better understanding of Japanese perfume and some notes when shipping perfume. In addition, you can refer to the article Japanese beauty brand to consider and choose the most suitable product for yourself. Follow Janbox for useful news updates.

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