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GYROOR Unveils Next-Gen Electric Skateboarding Innovations at 2024 International Electronics Expo

GYROOR Unveils Next-Gen Electric Skateboarding Innovations at 2024 International Electronics Expo

Hong Kong, April 15, 2024 - GYROOR, represented by Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co., Ltd., made waves at the Hong Kong International Electronics Fair with the debut of its revolutionary electric scooter and E-Suitcase "GNU" collections. With a captivating booth and a diverse product lineup, GYROOR not only attracted a vast audience but also set a benchmark for the evolving landscape of electric skateboarding. The company's advanced electric scooters wowed attendees and exceeded sales projections, reinforcing its dominant position in the market.

The company's product offerings received universal acclaim at the expo, showcasing advancements in three key development areas:

GYROOR|Kids: This family-oriented series has gained worldwide recognition for its superior quality, safety features, and innovative designs. Following a successful patent dispute victory against Hangzhou Riders, the series has become a sensation in markets such as the USA, the UK, and Germany.

GNU E-Suitcase: Introduced in 2024, the GNU redefines travel accessories by integrating a skateboard. Aimed at young children, it merges travel and entertainment, receiving awards at major electronics expos like CES and IFA, highlighting GYROOR's industry leadership.

KS2 Power-assisted Children’s Skateboard: This latest addition to the GYROOR Kids lineup features a power-assisted design, enhancing safety and ease of use, and delivering an elevated riding experience for kids, meeting the growing demand for high-performance children's skateboards.

KIT1 Mini Harley Motorcycle: Drawing inspiration from classic Harley motorcycles, the KIT1 offers children an exciting and unique riding experience, quickly gaining popularity in the market.

These launches reaffirm GYROOR's dominant position in the children's electric skateboard market, showcasing its innovation and technological prowess. The company remains dedicated to broadening its global reach, providing younger generations with safe, enjoyable, and top-of-the-line travel solutions.

GYROOR|URBAN: With a focus on large electric skateboards, particularly the seat-equipped C series, GYROOR has carved out a specialized market segment. Catering to adult users, this series has solidified GYROOR’s leading position in the electric bicycle market, delivering unmatched value.

C1S Model: A standout in the GYROOR URBAN lineup, the C1S combines storage and convenience, impressing users with its innovative storage solutions and comfortable ride. This sleek skateboard caters to daily commuting needs, meeting the multifaceted transportation demands of city dwellers.

BEST Model: This high-performance electric skateboard, compliant with European Economic Area (EEC) standards, showcases GYROOR’s commitment to product safety and environmental responsibility, highlighting its global market strength.

INNOVATION Series: Reflecting GYROOR’s dedication to cutting-edge technology, this series enhances daily commuting and leisure experiences.

Lightweight and Foldable Design: The design team emphasizes creating lightweight, foldable electric skateboards, enhancing commuting convenience and portability. Products like the backpack skateboard have been warmly received by city residents.

Enterprise Technology Empowerment and Motor Control Technology Development: GYROOR offers businesses efficient motor control technology, boosting operational efficiency, especially in power-intensive scenarios.

P7 Electric Camping Vehicle: GYROOR’s latest offering, the P7, is an intelligent electric camping vehicle, transforming camping into a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Electric Golf Cart: Designed for golf enthusiasts, this eco-friendly cart provides a smooth ride, reflecting GYROOR’s commitment to sustainability.

These groundbreaking products reinforce GYROOR’s technological leadership and hint at the company’s future direction in electric skateboards and associated equipment.

As a pioneer in electric mobility, GYROOR continues to innovate, catering to a diverse user base ranging from children to adults. Its product lineup includes the Kids series for children, the Urban series for urban commuting, and the Innovation series driving industry advancements.

At the recent International Electronics Expo, GYROOR attracted significant media attention, with major media outlets interviewing the brand, reaffirming its industry leadership and brand strength. This global acknowledgment is a testament to GYROOR’s product excellence and technological innovation.

Looking forward, GYROOR remains focused on developing new energy two-wheel vehicles, integrating intelligence, technology, and eco-friendly travel. The company aims to become a global leader in the electric skateboard market through continuous innovation and market expansion. GYROOR believes that with ongoing effort and innovation, it can offer more urban mobility choices, guiding the world towards sustainable and intelligent travel solutions.

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