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5 80s Fashion Trends Making Comebacks


5 80s Fashion Trends Making Comebacks

The 1980s has always been one of those eras. It was a decade that featured over-the-top silhouettes, saturated colours, and bold shapes. Power suits, puffed shoulders, leggings and parachute pants dominated the decade. Right before the stock market crash in 1987, the fashion world was opulent. 

We've rounded up five (5) fashion trends making comebacks! 


The collection of players in an NBA sportsbook is as diverse and varied. In the same way, NBA Odds can work, it's similar to how pieces were paired together during the 1980s. Eclecticism characterized the decade, with the late 70s punk rock aesthetics continuing to evolve and becoming more refined onstage by artists like Boy George, Annie Lennox, and Madonna. The staples included oversized leather sets, skin-tight trousers, and lace. 

In the 1980s, punks wore ripped skinny jeans, denim and leather jackets, Dr Martens, and their coloured mohawks and curly perms. An anything-goes approach reigned. 

Back then, you could easily pair headbands, sequins, big wavy hairstyles and bold makeup without a care. 


Menswear dominated the uniform du jour. However, women also learned to own the power suit, as they held their own during three-martini lunches and overturned the workforce status quo, which was a feat that was nothing short of remarkable, even back then. Katharine Hepburn was one of those who made wearing suits the iconic look as we know it today. The power suit remains a stylish and timeless staple. It won't leave the trend cycle. Please keep it simple and make a statement with the suit! 


Another quintessential cloth of the 1980s is velvet. London Fashion Week has made it clear that velvet is making a comeback! Velvet is often used and found in coats, trousers, and even crushed velvet dresses. It gives sophistication to any outfit and is one of the types of cloth that provides the perfect party wear regardless of the occasion, whether it's a gala, a winter wedding, or even a festive party. 

Denim Jackets

In the 1880s, denim made its first appearance as a jacket. However, the material and accessories would gain more appreciation a hundred years later. During the 1980s, the denim jacket became a staple and one of the decade's must-have items. In the 2020s, the oversized denim jacket has paved the way for more unique patchwork kinds. Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana are among the top designers. making the trend return. 


The anything-goes approach to fashion helped make way for the logo labels and idols that made the 1980s a bold and statement-making era—part of its current legacy. Back then, everyone wanted the Ray-Ban Wayfarers. There was a wave of demand when young Tom Cruise wore them in Risky Business in 1983. The clever product placement also worked for Calvin Klein, whose brands were featured in Marty McFly's closet in Back To The Future. The signature Air Jordans from 1985 have sold for record-breaking prices, too. The signature Air Jordan shoes have sold for a record-breaking price, with a signed copy of them selling for more than half a million dollars.

Wrapping Up

Different sartorial choices defined the 1980s as an era of boldness and no fear. We're glad we see some of these trends on the catwalk. 

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