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What Drugs Cause Damage To The Heart?


What drugs cause damage to the heart

Substances that can affect the cells of the heart that is present in a different manner. There is a different mechanism that helps to understand that drugs can let you're to heart damage. Preventing heart damage from drugs that is possible. It depends on the drug that can cause heart failure, people can sometimes reverse the heart failure as well. Join rehab in columbus ohio for understanding the health care of the heart. 

What is drug induced in heart failure?

Drug-induced heart failure that when a substance changes the heart functions, or it can cause enough physical damage. The toxic effect of drugs on the heart can cause cell death, reduce muscle cell contraction, and changes in heart rate. The drug induced heart failure can occur when the drugs are entering into the blood vessel, which impairs the blood flow to and then from the heart as well. In rehab columbus ohio people can find that it is quite important for having good life though. 

Drugs that will affect for causing high or low blood pressure issues in the body. The blood clots will travel anywhere in the body and can raise stroke easily. These vascular effects can lead to bad consequences or cause heart failure as well. The vascular effects like blood pressure increase, feedback to the heart, and lead for having further damage.

Which drug can induce or increase the risk of heart damage?

Many hazardous compounds that cause heart attacks have been recognized by experts. Some legally prescribed medications and illegal drugs have been linked to increased or direct induction of cardiac injury. 

There are a few different types of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) that may cause a rise in blood salt and water content. The cardiovascular system suffers as a result of this. NSAIDs should never be used by someone experiencing heart failure symptoms. 

Anthracyclines Daunorubicin and mitoxantrone are among a class of anticancer medications known to induce and exacerbate cardiac damage by promoting oxidative stress over the long run. Damage to cells and disruptions in normal cardiac cell functioning may result from oxidative stress. These are the long-term consequences, and the danger grows with increasing doses.

Stimulants cocaine methylphenidate atomoxetine: Stimulants that can cause heart failure by increasing the body's blood pressure and then directly damaging cells. 

Drugs that can be toxic to the heart that with many different mechanisms. All the mechanisms, can different types of heart damage. Experts still that doesn’t know the mechanism for they can cause heart failure. 

Types of heart failures or damage

Left-sided heart failure or damage

Damage that can affect the left side of the heart impairs the ability to pump blood efficiently to the body. The heart must work harder to ensure the vital organs. Putting strains in the heart muscles. 

Right-sided heart failure or damage

In right-sided heart failure occur due to failure for the left side. Damage to the right side of the heart means it can’t move deoxygenated blood to the lungs efficiently. It can lead to blood build in the vein supplying the right side of the heart. It can lead for having swelling in the lower limb, abdomen, and organs. 

Systolic or diastolic heart failure

Drug-induced the damage that can impair heart muscle functions in the main ways:

Systolic heart failure: In systolic heart failure, the heart muscle cannot contract that necessary. This reduces the heart’s ability to pump blood to rest for the body. 

Diastolic heart failure: In diastolic heart failure that the heart muscles got squeezed. This means ventricles that cannot fill with blood in the heart. 


Treating heart damage from drugs that requires stopping the drug from the causing problem. Treating heart damage from the drug depends that with a developed heart condition. A person that has an attack from having an overdose of cocaine requires an initial treatment drug like lorazepam. 


A person’s outlook depends on the severity of heart damage the sustainability. Stopping the intake of drugs causes heart damage. Making positive lifestyle changes and having treatments plan for stopping damage from worsening and helping people improve their quality of life. Damage to heart muscles from heart attacks and heart failure is permanent. In cases of heart failure, people typically require a degree in the treatment for the left life. 


When it comes to a drug that lets to heart failure, prevention is the main key. Different medical professionals like doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and poison specialists are present in this world which helps for reducing heart attacks. 

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