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The Best Micellar Water Brands You Can Buy!


The Best Micellar Water Brands You Can Buy!

Micellar water was originally a French skincare staple. However, it became well-loved for its multitasking properties. The micellar water can take off makeup and cleanse the skin. It is also better for the skin compared to makeup wipes. With the rising popularity of micellar water, finding what brand you should get can be overwhelming. 

We’ve narrowed it down to four (4) brands of top-rated micellar waters that are great for all skin types. Have fun, and keep reading! 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 

Bioderma is one of the best micellar brands in the world. The product itself was once a French pharmacy staple. And it was for a good reason. The formulation of the micellar water makes it ideal for sensitive and easily irritated skin while simultaneously soothing and cleansing skin and removing eye and face makeup in just one step.  

The Bioderma Sensibio H2O has a great formula that is easy and gentle on the skin and the eyes. It also absorbs quickly and has a non-drying formula. However, it does come with a few caveats. If you are not careful, you may dislodge the product too fast if you are not careful with its packaging. 

It has a great formula that is non-drying; the formula has fatty acid esters. These fatty acid esters are similar to lipids (fats) in your skin. They repair the protective layer of the skin and as a result, treat irritation effectively. After you use the micellar water, you can say hi and yes to soft, smooth skin without flakiness and redness. 

The product also contains Water, Micelles, and Cucumber Extract, which comes in 3.38 ounces. 

Simple Kind to Skin 

Simple Kind To Skin is a great option for those looking for a bang for your buck. The brand’s micellar water contains many great skincare ingredients, including vitamin B3, vitamin C, and triple purified water, while still being lightweight. Upon application, the micellar water feels light and calming without leaving residue behind. 

It has skin-loving ingredients, is ophthalmologist-tested, and is great for sensitive skin. Notable ingredients include water, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin C. What makes it so lovely and great is that it does not contain potential irritants like dyes, perfumes, and chemicals. These attributes make it perfect for those who have sensitive skin. However, the Simple micellar water has recently been reformulated. 


Makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts covet Garnier. It is no surprise the Garnier original micellar water is one of the best formulations of all time to come out. Garnier’s micellar water formula is formulated with high-quality ingredients that effortlessly clean the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. It also does not have parabens and can cleanse the skin without stripping its natural oils. However, it is not the best at removing waterproof mascara.

Avene Eau 

While no magical well water will solve all our skin concerns, Avene thermal spring water is the next best thing. Formulated with Avene thermal spring water, Avene’s cleansing lotion soothes the skin while simultaneously removing all traces of makeup. The cleansing lotion tends to absorb extremely fast, leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated. However, the product contains a light fragrance that may irritate some.

Wrapping Up

When selecting micellar water, it's important to cater to the needs of your skin type, and budget. It is important because one wants any unexpected breakouts or to exasperate already dehydrated skin, and because no one wants to waste money on a product that is not good for your skin. 

Author’s Bio:

Deinah Storm works in the corporate industry, but she has quite a bit of knowledge about beauty, health, and skin care. On her free days, she finds solace in writing and educating more people about taking care of your beauty, skin, and wellness.

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