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Understanding Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap: Meaning, Causes, and Strategies to Avoid It


Understanding Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap Meaning, Causes, and Strategies to Avoid It


Mutual funds have emerged as a popular investment option, offering investors a diversified portfolio with reduced risk and lower capital requirements. 

Let us begin by describing what exactly Mutual Funds are. 

An investment tool that pools money from multiple investors, and invests the accumulated amount into a diverse portfolio that is a mix of bonds, securities, equities, among others, mutual funds are managed by Fund Managers. The earnings from the investments are then distributed among the investors in proportion to their respective investments. 

Though Mutual Funds have been one of the most popular investment vessel, it is not without challenges of its own. A common challenge faced by investors is the issue of portfolio overlap. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of mutual fund portfolio overlap, exploring its meaning, possible causes, and effective strategies to avoid it.

What is Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap?

Mutual fund portfolio overlap refers to the degree of similarity in the investments held by different portfolios. It measures the extent to which two or more portfolios carry similarities in terms of assets. 

When multiple portfolios are created by investors, these portfolios consist of equities, bonds, securities and other investment instruments. Sometimes these portfolios overlap in terms of similarities and of how much similar are the holdings.

If two portfolios have a high degree of overlap, it conveys the fact that they own many of the same investments.

Importance of knowing about Portfolio Overlap

Understanding portfolio overlap is crucial because it directly impacts the inherent benefit of diversification in mutual funds. Diversification is a key strategy used to spread investments across different assets to reduce risk. When portfolios have a high degree of overlap, they become less diversified as they are overly dependent on a few common investments. In a similar fashion, when portfolios have low overlap, it means that there is more diversification and the two portfolios may be better at handling the whirlwind world of market fluctuations.

Possible Causes of Portfolio Overlap

1. Similar Investment Strategies: Each mutual fund has a unique investment objective and strategy to achieve it. However, there can be cases where the investment strategies of multiple funds are more or less similar, leading to the selection of the same stocks or assets. This results in a portfolio overlap, particularly when investors invest in similar mutual funds.

2. Change in Investment Strategy: Sometimes, mutual funds undergo changes in their investment strategy due to changes in fund managers or investment mandates. Such changes can lead to a shift in the asset allocation model of the fund, causing portfolio overlap with another fund already in an investor's portfolio.

3. Market Trends: Market trends can significantly influence investment decisions. During certain periods, certain assets or sectors become popular among investors. As a result, many portfolios may include these popular investments, leading to overlap. For instance, a surge in renewable energy stocks can result in multiple portfolios holding investments in this sector.

4. Portfolio based on a Market Index: Investors often use market indexes like the Sensex or Nifty 50 as benchmarks for their portfolios. Many index funds and ETFs focus on these indices and create their funds. When you invest in multiple funds tracking the same index, your portfolios may end up overlapping.

5. Popular Stocks Being Added: Certain stocks may become popular among both individual investors and mutual funds due to impressive performance or widespread market hype. As a result, a large number of investors and mutual funds rush to buy these popular stocks, leading to a situation where multiple portfolios end up holding the same investments.

Can Portfolio Overlap Be Avoided?

While completely avoiding portfolio overlap is challenging, several strategies can be employed to minimize it effectively.

1. Diversification: The key to reducing portfolio overlap is diversifying investments across different types of assets, sectors, and stocks. This will decrease the likelihood of holding the same investments as others.

2. Independent Research: Conduct thorough research to uncover unique investment opportunities that are less likely to overlap with popular choices. Exploring lesser-known stocks or niche sectors can lead to more diversified portfolios.

3. Regular Monitoring and Adjustments: Keeping a close eye on your portfolio and making necessary adjustments is crucial to reducing overlap. Selling duplicated investments and diversifying into other assets can further mitigate overlap risks.

4. Customization: Tailor your investment strategy based on your individual financial goals and risk tolerance, rather than relying solely on standardized recommendations. Customization helps in creating a well-diversified portfolio that stands out from the crowd.


Mutual fund portfolio overlap can hinder the benefits of diversification, which is essential for managing investment risk effectively. By understanding its meaning, identifying possible causes, and following the strategies mentioned, investors can take steps to create well-diversified portfolios and make informed decisions to achieve their financial objectives. Regular monitoring and rebalancing are of paramount importance to avoid any possibility of mutual fund portfolio overlap and maximize the potential returns from investments.

In conclusion, mutual fund investors should strive to strike a balance between risk and diversification to build a robust and well-performing investment portfolio. With a thoughtful approach and proper planning, investors can navigate the challenges of portfolio overlap and build a successful investment journey. Happy investing!

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