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How To Maintain And Clean Your Vintage Sheepskin Outerwear


How To Maintain And Clean Your Vintage Sheepskin Outerwear

Vintage shearling coats and jackets boast a rich history and unique characteristics that make them sought after by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With their genuine sheepskin and plush wool, these coats offer unparalleled warmth and style that never go out of fashion. Owning one of these cherished garments requires special care to maintain their beauty and longevity. Product specialists at Northern Grip vintage shop have gathered invaluable tips and guidelines to ensure your vintage shearling jackets remain pristine and continue to impress for generations to come.

Protecting Your Vintage Shearling Jacket

Protect your vintage sheepskin coat from harsh conditions. Keep it away from direct heat sources like radiators and fireplaces, as they can dry out the sheepskin and ruin its softness. And when it's not on you, store it in a dark, shaded area to avoid fading from too much sunlight exposure.

Handle with Care

When you wear your vintage sheepskin coat, be extra careful to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Steer clear of carrying heavy bags on your shoulder while wearing the coat, as it might strain the seams and shoulders. Also, keep sharp jewelry and accessories away to prevent any snags on the delicate wool. Treat it with love, and it'll stay looking fantastic.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your vintage sheepskin coat in tip-top shape doesn't have to be complicated. Regular maintenance is essential, but remember, less is more! Use a soft-bristle brush to lightly clean it every few weeks. Too much brushing can cause wear on the fur. For minor dirt or dust, a gentle wipe with a soft cloth does the trick.

Spot Cleaning for Minor Stains

Oops, spills happen! For small stains, no worries! Just grab a clean, damp cloth and gently blot the spot. Avoid rubbing, as it might make things worse. If you need to use a cleaning solution, go for mild, sheepskin-friendly detergents or specially made ones. Before you start, try it on a small, hidden spot first to avoid any color changes or damage.

Leave Stubborn Stains to the Pros

Some stains are just too stubborn to handle alone. Don't fret! Instead of trying risky DIY methods, get some help from the pros. They know all about vintage garments and sheepskin coats and can deal with tough stains like champs. Your beloved coat will thank you for the expert care!

Proper Storage Techniques

Taking care of your vintage sheepskin coat also means storing it right. First, use a padded hanger to help it keep its shape. If you can, get a breathable garment bag to keep dust away. And for extra protection, place acid-free tissue paper between folds. No garment bag? No worries! A clean cotton sheet works fine too.

Embrace the Vintage Look

Remember, your vintage sheepskin coat is a unique gem! It might have some minor imperfections, but that's part of what makes it special. Love those little quirks and embrace its natural character. By doing so, you're celebrating its history and contributing to a more sustainable fashion world.

Your vintage shearling jacket is a timeless masterpiece that deserves the utmost care and attention. By following these essential tips for maintaining and cleaning your vintage shearling coat, you can continue to enjoy its elegance and warmth for years to come. Embrace the beauty of these classic garments and pass down their timeless allure to future generations.

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