Monday, February 20, 2023

Trends in Hotel Services and What to Expect in 2023


Trends in Hotel Services and What to Expect in 2023


As much as it can sometimes seem like hotels never change, the fact of the matter is that you may notice some relatively big changes in 2023. 

Travel is changing. We all felt that during the Covid pandemic. 

But it’s also true that hotels have gotten better at adjusting their accommodations and offerings, so as to offer the types of experiences their guests actually want to have. 

The big problem is that most travelers don’t even know about the majority of hotel services available. 

Hotel Engine describes it like this:

“Whether you’re booking on behalf of an employee or you’re traveling yourself, comfort is important and makes for a more productive trip. With these lesser-known amenities and services, you and your team will be able to make the most of your time in any lodging!”

So in this blog post, we’re going to jump straight into the thick of it, and talk about 4 different ways in which hotels are changing in 2023. 

You’re going to find that there’s going to be a lot of ‘accommodation development and adaptation’ in these 4 areas. 

And here’s the good news…

These are all awesome shifts that are going to benefit travelers even more. 

Let’s dive into it.


1. A Focus On Local Experiences

Nowadays, travelers want to see, do, and experience more real-life stuff. 

For a while, it felt like everything was moving toward the internet. It was all about ‘digital connectivity’ and ‘increasing the quality of digital experiences.’

And while that part of the modern human experience is likely never going away—it is true that, during the Covid pandemic especially, we all probably got a little bit ‘angsty’ for real-life experiences. 

Hence, why hotels in 2023 are going to place a greater emphasis on real-world, local experiences that travelers can partake in. 

This is awesome—especially for travelers who want to take some time to just enjoy their traveling experiences without staying glued to their digital screens. 

2. More Support For Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are truly becoming a commonplace staple in our modern tech-driven world—and for good reason. 

More and more businesses are realizing that hiring help on a remote and/or freelance basis offers a plethora of benefits. 

And hotels are realizing that these ‘digital nomads’ truly value accommodating experiences that lend to their unique travel-based lifestyle. 

Thus—we’re going to see more and more hotels adopting policies and developing customs that empower digital nomads to live life on their own terms—and hey—that’s pretty awesome. 

3. A Greater Emphasis On ‘Bleisure’

One thing that’s really interesting is that business travel is blossoming. 

More and more professionals are traveling for business instead of conducting it all from the corner of an on-location desk—and it shows. 

But as people travel for business, they’re also placing a renewed sense of importance on the idea of ‘bleisure.’ 

Bleisure is basically a term that means a blend of business and leisure travel—and it’s super hot right now. 

This means that hotels are leaning into the idea of providing plenty of business amenities while also blending them with leisure hotel/resort hotel amenities. 

And we’re absolutely here for it. 

4. An Increase In ‘Wellness Tourism’

Humans of the modern world seem to grow hungrier and hungrier for healthy, holistic work-life balance. 

And more and more, wellness is coming in as a centerpiece of modern human travels. 

Instead of focusing on raves, concerts, processed-food dining, and other ‘less healthy’ forms of entertainment, hotels are leaning into things like yoga, meditation, exercise, spa services, etc. 

And it’s awesome because it empowers travelers to pursue health and wellness on their own terms even while they travel abroad. 

It’s brilliant! 


There you have it. 

The top four hotel trends and services that you can expect to see develop even more in 2023. 

Equipped with this information, you can now book your favorite hotel reservations at accommodations that are actually offering what you’re looking for. 

The truth is that this is the beginning of a golden age of travel. And in a post-covid world, that is fantastic news for all of us. 

But you know what they say—a rolling stone gathers no moss. 

So it’s time to make those reservations and hit the road on your next adventure. 

Happy trails, partner! 

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