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The Top 3 Reasons Your Automation Testing Is Failing

The Top 3 Reasons Your Automation Testing Is Failing

We all know that manual testing is no longer enough as today, organizations need software to be released more quickly. They should also be of higher quality in order to stay competitive. Because of the ever-increasing competition, the term "automated testing" has so many eyes on it in the IT sector today. This blog post on automation testing will focus on some of the reasons why automation testing is failing. 

But first, let’s get some basics clear. 

What Is Automation Testing?

As the name suggests utilizing an automated toolset or framework for conducting software testing is known as automation testing. Simply said, it is a sort of testing where a tool automatically completes a series of tasks according to a predetermined pattern.

The vital process of automation testing relieves the strain on manual testers so they may concentrate on higher-value jobs like exploratory testing and analyzing test results. In essence, a computer takes over and does time-consuming, monotonous, dull operations like regression testing. 

Automation testing is crucial for attaining higher test coverage in less time and for producing findings that are more accurate. You have to test an application with roughly 100 fields that demand input on your first day as a QA. You must manually enter data into each field while undertaking exploratory testing. If you work quickly, you can do this in approximately 10 minutes. You click "Submit." A warning notice is shown. It seems to be a handled exception. You report the problem and are really satisfied with your work. You go through the procedure once more, discover a few more problems, and have a most successful first day.

The developer addresses the problems the next day, and you must test the updated program by going through the same procedures as the day before. Error repaired. Excellent work. Thanks to your contributions, a satisfying user experience was made possible. An updated version with more features was issued by the creators on the third day. However, you must repeat the procedure to make sure that the new features have not harmed the more established functional functions. There are no difficulties.

Developers continue to release fresh versions a month later, therefore you must keep testing the program by doing the same action (inserting field input) again. You're worn out and bored. Your precision starts to wane, and finally you overlook a bug—possibly a really apparent one.

Unbelievably, this is a circumstance that most QAs encounter often. It is difficult to continually do the same action and achieve perfection each time. Automation testing may help in this situation.

Benefits of Automation Testing?

Here is a section that deals with some of the benefits that test automation offers to every organization, irrespective of the size. 

1. Quicker performance

The development process is more effective thanks to automation. Automation testing is done at every stage of the process, so any problems or errors are found early on and fixed. This practice is known as "fail quickly." The simpler and more affordable a bug repair is, the sooner it is discovered. Even for elaborate and complex systems, this saves a substantial amount of time.

For instance, automated testing at the code unit level ensures that the code is only checked at the initial step and that no flaws are passed on. Continuous testing shortens a software's time to market. Developers and testers should invest more effort on creating interesting features rather than spending time on testing.

2. Reusability

The jobs' repetition and simplicity in setup make life simpler for software engineers. Automated test cases may be executed repeatedly using the same method or even a different one because of their ease of reuse. Additionally, the directory is updated whenever a new problem is found. In certain circumstances, this may save maintenance expenses by as much as 70%. They are cost-effective because of their reusability, and they also remove any potential for human mistakes as testers may omit some processes, which inevitably results in flaws and faults.

3. Increased precision

Even the greatest testers are prone to error when they repeatedly test the same scenario since it might get tedious. They can forget all the details or perhaps omit some of the processes. But once a well-designed automation suite is put into use, it makes sure that every step is carried out each time, which raises the caliber of the final result.

All test results are logged throughout automated testing so that the team may evaluate them and make improvements as necessary. Additionally, automated testing enables code factoring, or changing the code to improve performance. Testers can simply make changes and run tests to determine the effects thanks to automation.

4. More protection

By now you would be sure how precise automated testing is. Testers may simply develop a test suite for each aspect of their applications, including memory contents, data tables, and internal programs, since they don't have to do the majority of the jobs manually.

Additionally, automated testing allows testers to simultaneously execute hundreds of difficult instances. Full coverage in the absence of automated testing would need several testers working long hours. A program or app with more tested features will be of better quality.

5. More robust

Automation may be really helpful, particularly when it comes to apps. For instance, it is hard to determine whether the performance of the app is enough using manual testing. On the other hand, automated testing will take only a few seconds. Automated testing also make it easy to examine an app's potential future behavior. All that testers need to do is alter the database's creation date to verify the system's functionality.

6. Lowers expenses

Before making any investments, the cost is the first thing that is taken into account. Agile testing that is automated is often thought of as being costly. Today, however, automation adoption comes at a relatively modest cost. You will first have to pay for the setup. Obviously, you will need personnel, education, and infrastructure.

However, once it is up and once when it starts running, it will inevitably have a lower cost since it is a durable product that can be used again without incurring more expenditures. The quantity of automated tests used to assess the return on investment; the greater the quantity, the greater the return.

Top 3 Reasons Your Automation Testing Is Failing

Here are the top three reasons why your process of test automation is failing.

1. Test Results

The results of an automated test might be significantly impacted by bad data. There are instances when tests are dependent on certain database conditions, rendering developers unable to control their behavior. In a perfect world, tests would be able to generate their own independent data without the aid of other providers. Secondly, you need to be able to build separate objects for your testing requirements regardless of complicated data structures. Teams, however, are unable to provide data that meets their particular needs. They conclude that the script is flawed even if the real problem is with the bad applications.

The finest way to deal with bad test results is to have multiple data combinations that may be utilized in various contexts. Additionally, it must be accessible to all members of your team. Typically, test environment simulation may be done using production data. For the creation of new features, your team must be prepared to provide creative test data.

2. Unrealistic expectations

People often have unrealistic expectations for test automation. This makes this one of the most frequent causes of failure. Management anticipates that the QA team will fully automate everything. Although that may seem good, it is not practical.

Going for 100% automation is not advisable. This is also basically impossible since there are certain processes that need human inspection and require human involvement to prevent unneeded mistakes and delays in the software's delivery. When half of the team lacks visibility, it is ridiculous to think automated testing can somehow fix all the issues. Since automated testing is a team effort rather than a one-man show, every team member should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and abilities.

3. Choosing the Correct Tools

Since there are so many automation tools on the market, it may be challenging to choose the one that would best serve an organization's requirements for testing as well as all of its long-term goals.

Every tool is different and has distinct characteristics, but since teams lack the necessary knowledge, they are unable to choose the tool that would best meet their goals. Prior to choosing your automation solution, it is very crucial to consider all of your needs and expectations from it, as well as the money you can spend. Examine the elements that assist you in selecting the appropriate instrument.

To properly use automation, there must be frequent team meetings and discussion sessions on tools, procedures, and practices. Example: Assume you are using Selenium testing to perform automated cross-browser testing. The tool can assist you in rendering the display of your web pages across different browsers, but you must perform these tasks manually if you want to determine whether the website is rendering in accordance with the design or to determine whether the text's typography is appropriate.

LambdaTest is undoubtedly one of the best automation testing platform since it can run automated Selenium scripts on a scalable cloud grid. Testers are able to do interactive live testing and exploratory testing on a cross-platform website and application using more than 3,000 real web browser settings. Since this platform supports automated screenshot testing on 25 possibilities at once, it offers more extensive options than the bulk of other automated testing solutions.

LambdaTest is a great automated testing platform to utilize for Selenium users. It has a built-in Selenium Grid. This allows testers to troubleshoot Selenium scripts. Along with network logs, command logs, raw Selenium logs, exception logs, and metadata, LambdaTest also keeps automated test logs. 


Any testing ecosystem must include automation testing. Without switching to an automated configuration, comprehensive testing becomes challenging, as does keeping up with ever-shorter deadlines. In order to balance and complement manual testing, it is crucial to start automating testing procedures as soon as feasible.

Try the suggestions above, and do enough testing to determine which strategies provide the best outcomes. Be unconcerned if you make a few mistakes before you hit the sweet spot that enables efficient automation without sacrificing human validation. Therefore, automated testing may undoubtedly increase productivity for your company. The objective here is to successfully address all the obstacles and impediments that come with it.

Knowing the obstacles before using automation is essential rather than racing through it. To fully benefit from automated testing, a thorough study of the project requirements, team capabilities, available resources, and time must be conducted before a suitable automation solution is chosen.

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