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Important aspects related to HGV Drivers and the different licences

Important aspects related to HGV Drivers and the different licences

Although there was always a demand for LGV drivers, the recession shielded people from the effects of a lack of fresh workers in the industry. However, the sector has finally given in to the scarcity.

Because there are supposedly so few qualified drivers with commercial driving licences (C+ E licence, cat d licence, cat c licence, etc.), there are reportedly numerous available vacancies for truck drivers in various places for every qualified application. The entire nation is impacted by this problem.

According to the logistics firms, an LGV driver in the UK lives an average of 53 years, which is much longer than the national average. In the next few years, there will be a large number of retirees, but there won't be as many young people to replace them.

It is projected that the wages for skilled lorry drivers may rise as a result of this driver shortage given that the economy cannot function without lorry drivers moving goods from industries and ports to shop shelves.

The fact that there will be more demand for lorry drivers as the economy expands as more goods are consumed and delivered to merchants is another advantage of becoming an LGV driver. A career as an LGV driver seems to be ripe with possibilities and well-paying work.

The logistics sector is currently the fourth-largest employment in the UK. Truck drivers are the backbone of the economy; without them, it would not function.

PCV Licence

After passing the required tests and receiving a current PCV licence (Cat D licence, cat d1 licence, etc), employment as an LGV driver is one of the key advantages.

The UK's unemployment rate has grown, but the only sector showing signs of growth is the logistics sector. Your pay is affected by how much time you put in and by the company you work for. The estimates range from £500 per week to £40,000 annually.

There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to HGV drivers. The varying geography in different parts of the country demonstrates ongoing challenges. As drivers develop their driving abilities, they can deliver more expensive, sensitive cargo.

The logistics sector is one where one can work in a routine office environment without getting bored. The logistics sector is essential to the entire nation. Nothing will work if there are no qualified truck drivers.

If you're interested in becoming a truck driver, a number of training centres can help you pass the required exams at a reasonable price. So, if you've been thinking about your career choices, get your commercial driver's licence and learn to operate an LGV.

Facts- HGV Drivers

Despite the perception that it is a primarily male-dominated sector, similar to construction and IT, the number of female truck drivers is rising both in the UK and abroad.

In 2021, women made up just 5% of those holding commercial driving licences. However, as more and more women opt for this line of work, the number of female truck drivers is quickly rising.

The rise of female truck drivers has been one of the tales of recent years. Additionally, because there is a greater than ever need for HGV drivers, more and more women are thinking about a career in this field.

A wonderful pay goes along with a great job. Companies are increasingly encouraging truck drivers, particularly long-haul truckers, with incentives and greater pay. Another advantage of working as a truck driver is that you are frequently guaranteed income increases as you get more experience. Another way to raise your income is to improve your driving skills by gaining instruction on different trucks. Employment as a truck driver includes weekly or monthly income, 28 days of vacation leave, and guaranteed overtime pay.

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