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What makes Japanese whisky so good?


What makes Japanese whisky so good?

Whisky connoisseurs are in love with whiskies from Japan. It was in the 1850s when the whiskies were first brought to Japan, but it was until 2014 when Japanese whisky got ranked as the world's best whiskies. In 1918 a Japanese man names Masataka Taketsuru went to Scotland to learn the art of whisky production. After working in three famous distilleries, he mastered the art of whisky making. He returned to Japan in 1923 and started distillation in his own company. Now the nation is producing some of the best and most exotic examples of the grain-based spirit with a pinch of its twist. Unlike other whiskies, they are drier, smokier, and peatier and come as single malts or blends.

Today regarded as world-class, whiskies from Japan have won countless accolades and praise worldwide. This is because Japanese distilleries use traditional methods and ingredients to produce their whiskies and add a pinch of their unique flavour, which sets them apart from other varieties. Moreover, these whiskies have lower alcohol content than other whiskies, making them a bit more mellow and complex. Do you want to know what makes these whiskies so unique? If yes, continue reading! This article discusses the top reasons why Japanese whiskies are so good.

Whisky production is seasonal in Japan

Unlike in Scotland, where whisky is produced yearly, whisky is made in Japan seasonally. This is because the country's distinct seasons impact the maturation process significantly, as the humid summers speed up the aging of the spirit, while the cold winters slow it down. That makes Japanese whiskies mature faster than scotch, resulting in a product that tastes older and more refined than it is. 

Japanese whisky is produced with natural spring water

No doubt, the water used for producing whisky impacts the taste of the whisky. For this reason, the Japanese only use water from the natural springs for whisky production. There are a handful of distilleries in the country, and each one controls the water quality before they consider producing whiskey. The distillery's water sources are so pristine that they are referred to as the highest quality water resource by Japan's Ministry of Environment.

Components of Japanese whisky 

Well, these whiskies are made with scotch ingredients. Rice whisky is distinct from rice wine or sake. Like scotch, rice is used along with barley imported from Scotland. Japan's distilleries use an excellent variety of yeasts during fermentation, each with unique characteristics; one example is suntoryeus lactobacillus. Plus, these whiskies have higher ABV than whiskies found in Scotland. This gives Japanese whiskies a bolder and richer flavour that Scottish whiskies. 

Japanese distil the whisky twice

Japanese whiskies are generally distilled twice; however, many distilleries prefer distilling them up to four times. Unlike other whiskies typically filtered through charcoal, whiskies in Japan are filtered in bamboo, which helps purify the drink.

Now that you have understood what makes Japanese whiskies unique and good, you must be excited to get a few bottles and serve them to your guests. But before you place an order online, also read how Japanese whisky is served. Read on!

How is Japanese whisky served? 

There are numerous ways of consuming Japanese whiskies, including neat, with water, in cocktails, and on the rocks. But the most popular way to enjoy them is in a highball. For Japanese highball, you can mix chilled whisky with chilled sparkling water, club soda, or mineral water. Moreover, these are always consumed with food in Japan, like chicken or beef,  smokey foods (burgers and bacon), and spicy foods (jalapenos).

Now you are all set to try the rare whisky from Japan. Go ahead, place an order for these exotic drinks!

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