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7 Stand Out Places in the U.S to Retire Going into 2023


7 Stand Out Places in the U.S to Retire Going into 2023

There are a number of factors to consider when considering where to spend your golden years. In addition to weather and affordability, you will want to consider recreational and social opportunities, access to quality medical care, and more. Here are seven of the best places to retire in the U.S. heading into 2023.

1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Florida continues to remain a hot spot for retirees largely due to its year-round warm weather. Fort Lauderdale is a popular destination thanks to its affordability, numerous senior living options, and activities geared toward retirees. Flagler Village boasts a variety of restaurants and shopping options. The proximity to the cruise terminal is also a bonus, giving retirees easy options to set sail to the Caribbean and beyond.

2. Denver, Colorado

While Denver is typically not the first place that comes to mind for retirement destinations, you would be wise to consider the Mile High City. Denver is distinguished for its many high-quality healthcare options. The city also offers access to fresh mountain air, a strong economy, and a large international airport. Denver is a great location to consider if you do not mind the cold weather and want a vibrant city scene to enjoy.

3. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale ranks high on a number of quality of life metrics for retirees. The Phoenix suburb is famous for its amazing golf courses and destination spas. The city also features a long list of James Beard restaurants, beautiful architecture, and loads of sunshine. Because the area is geared toward retirees, you will also find high-quality healthcare options as well as plentiful recreational opportunities for the older population. If you can handle the hot summers, there is no better place to settle down in than Scottsdale.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

Looking for a relaxed coastal vibe paired with iconic southern hospitality? Look no farther than Charleston, South Carolina. The city is flush with an abundance of gorgeous architecture, quaint cobblestone streets, and miles of coastline. The food also lives up to the hype, featuring fresh seafood, mouth-watering barbecue, and low-country classics that will never leave you hungry. You will certainly feel relaxed living out your retirement years in Charleston.

5. Franklin, Tennessee

A suburb of Nashville, Franklin has some of the best retirement amenities that you could hope for. The charming town offers a wide array of cultural activities, golf clubs, historical sites, and more. The historic district is home to a myriad of cafes, boutique shopping, and other conveniences. The moderate climate, friendly locals, and stunning natural scenery makes Franklin a place that you will be proud to call home.

6. Santa Rosa, California

If you have money to spend, you can do no wrong with retiring in California. In recent years, Santa Rosa has distinguished itself as a great place to spend your retirement. The Northern California town is located in the heart of wine country. This means that you will have access to some of the world's best wineries and restaurants. The warm and sunny weather is also a bonus. Scratch your big city itch with San Francisco only about an hour away.

7. Orlando, Florida

While many retirees flock to Florida's coastal cities, Orlando is continually recognized as one of the best places in the country to retire. You will enjoy all of the tax advantages of living in Florida with more affordable housing than in some of the coastal communities. The inland location also means that you will be more protected from hurricanes. Lastly, your grandkids will love visiting you thanks to the proximity of Orlando to the nation's best theme parks.

What to Consider When Relocating

Once you have landed on a place to retire, you will need to consider all of the logistics of making the big move. Issues to consider include when to pull the trigger, how to move all of your belongings, and transporting cars to another state. Do not delay in working out all of these logistics. You will feel more confident about the move if you leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Make the most out of this season of life by doing your research to find a retirement destination that fits your needs and personal preferences.

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