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Types of Breast Lift Surgeries


Types of Breast Lift Surgeries

Numerous factors can cause your breasts to deteriorate over time. Pregnancy, nursing, the natural ageing process, and weight fluctuations can all cause skin elasticity to deteriorate, resulting in a loss of breast shape and firmness. Sagging breasts are natural, but that doesn't mean you have to live with them if they make you self-conscious about your appearance. Short-term discomfort is joint after a breast lift in Sydney, which can usually be managed with simple analgesia. A small amount of bruising and swelling may occur and usually goes away quickly. Sydney has some of the best surgeons for breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery, when executed by a professional, board-accredited doctor(plastic surgeon), can assist in repositioning and reshaping sagging breasts. This popular procedure, which has a high patient satisfaction rate, can help restore a more youthful, perky appearance to your breasts while also giving you confidence.

One may plan a private talk with a plastic surgeon who has experience with breast enhancement procedures to determine if breast lift surgery is right for them.

What are the different types of breast lifts?

Breast Lift with a Crescent Shape

All of the Breast Lifts are less invasive than the Crescent Lift. It is suitable for women who only require a minor lift. The physician examines the patient and recommends the Crescent Lift as the best Breast Lift based on the following criteria: minor sagging of the breasts and nipples that point forward. If these criteria are met, this is most likely the best type of Breast Lift for you. Because of the location of the incision, there is minimal scarring with this particular lift. Around a portion of the upper areolas, an incision is made.

Breast Lift by Benelli

The Benelli Lift is for women who have slight sagging of the breasts and asymmetry of the nipples. The physician will examine the patient and assess the breasts to determine if the Benelli Lift is appropriate for your situation. Because of the location of the incision, there is minimal scarring with this particular lift.

Breast Lift "Lollipop"

The Lollipop Lift is recommended for women who have a moderate amount of breast sagging. The nipples are downward pointing. The fact that the nipples point downward indicates that a Breast Lift is required. The Lollipop Lift yields excellent results. It tightens, repositions, and contours the breasts by removing sagging tissue and skin. The nipples are also moved to their proper anatomic position. 

Breast Lift with Anchor

The most invasive type of Breast Lift is the Anchor Breast Lift. It's required when there's a lot of sagging in the breasts. The nipples are pointing down. Breast tissue and skin are removed during this procedure to achieve a tightened and contoured result. The nipples will reposition to be in the proper anatomical location.


The time it takes to recover from a breast lift varies, but on average, it takes about a week. Your doctor may advise avoiding exercising or lifting anything heavy for the first six weeks after your procedure. If you live in Australia, getting a breast lift in Sydney would be best.

A breast lift is the only procedure that can be effective. Various pills and creams on the market claim to help lift breasts and increase firmness, but their effectiveness has yet to be proven. 

A breast lift is a safe way to re-size and reshape your breasts to suit the rest of your figure. Women who've undergone breast reductions say it restores their confidence and frees them up to exercise and undertake activities that may have been painful.

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