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Different Types of Whisky


Different Types of Whisky

Drinking has always been people’s favourite pastime in the past. Out of all alcoholic beverages, whisky is known to be a gentleman's drink. A distilled alcoholic beverage prepared from fermented grain mash, whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, usually oak. It is produced in several regions of the world in various ways and is drunk in different fashions too.

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Single malt

It is distilled from malted barley, aged in oak casks and made at a single distillery. Single malts must be aged for at least three years (and up to 40) before they can be labelled and sold as such. In fact, many people use terms like "vintage" or "aged" when talking about single malt whiskey.

For example, the Glenlivet 12 Year Old is a classic Scottish single malt aged since 2001 in American white oak barrels (a common wood used by distilleries). This particular bottle has won awards across the globe for its taste profile and balance between fruitiness and smoky notes.


It is a mix of single malt and grain whiskies. Blends are usually cheaper than single malts and are easier to drink since they have a smoother taste. They're often aged for a shorter time and don't have the same layers of flavour as single malts. Blends are usually aged in used barrels. This gives them some of the sweetness from previous batches without the bad stuff like oxidation or too much charring on the inside of your whiskey barrel (charring happens when there's too much heat).

Cask strength

It is bottled without dilution at its natural strength, i.e., the strength it was distilled at. Due to their higher alcohol percentage, they must always be diluted with water prior to drinking. There are many different styles of cask strength whiskies in varying price ranges.

Grain whisky

It is made from mash consisting of more than corn and malted barley. Sometimes grain whiskies are used to make blends, but they're not actually required for it. They're also referred to as 'neutral' whiskies since they have few flavours or aromas on their own, so they don't add much flavour in blends.

Grain whiskies are typically distilled at a lower proof (higher alcohol by volume) than malt whiskies. This means that you'll have less flavour delivered up front with each sip of your dram. However, this can be an advantage because it allows you to enjoy all the different flavours in your glass without being overpowered by one particular taste.


These whiskies are infused with flavours of spices and are often called liqueurs. The flavours can be added in different ways, either during the ageing process or after it's bottled and sometimes even before you drink it. 

Aged whiskies can be infused with flavours for a period of time before release in order to give them an interesting twist on their character. This is done most commonly with bourbons and ryes since these have already been aged for years as part of their standard production cycle. But many other types of whisky also get this treatment (for example, infusion of vanilla bean in Captain Morgan Spiced Rum).

Craft distilleries often flavour their products by adding a few drops of an ingredient right into each bottle as it ages over time. They then sell those bottles separately from their regular line-up. 


Whiskeys are a cultural phenomenon, so the choice depends on personal preferences, while considerations such as climate factor into that decision. Nonetheless, having knowledge of your drink surely adds to the charm and charisma you bring to the party. 

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