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A Guide to Gemstones and Their Meaning

A Guide to Gemstones and Their Meaning

Are you curious to know more about that sapphire or emerald? And what does the rose quartz mean to do? 

Gemstones are more than just pretty stones or a piece of jewelry. Our ancestors used these gemstones to heal physically and ward off spiritual evils. 

Today, it is believed that jewels and gemstones affect our life in various areas—such as love, stress, abundance, etc.

Every gem is composed of a blend of various chemical compounds. They are formed under pressure and are found in different locations on the world map. Gems affect human spirituality as a result of their vibrational properties. 

As time passed, different gemstones acquired their own unique properties and meanings. Here are eleven gems and their significance as of 2022. 

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1. Amethyst

The color of this stone is light to dark purple. 

Amethyst calms emotions, enhances mental clarity, and helps gain wisdom. It can create great intuition by forming a solid connection between you and the spiritual world. 

Wearers of Amethyst can fight addiction and obsessive behaviors. 

2. Aquamarine

Color: Light blue

Aquamarine also stands for “water of the sea.”

As the name suggests, Aquamarine is associated with the sea. The soft and light blue hues on the gemstone inculcated the feeling of calmness and regenerative energies within you. 

Aquamarine is a symbol of rebirth, tranquility, and serenity.

3. Amazonite 

Color of the stone: Turquoise, greenish-blue

Amazonite gemstone stimulates your heart and throat chakras. It helps you communicate softly and freely and helps remove negative energy. It is also known as “the stone of success and abundance” as the stone has the properties of attracting money and fortune. 

Amazonite also offers soothing and relaxing benefits to the wearer. 

4. Clear Quartz

Color of the stone: clear

Clear Quartz is a popular gemstone used for healing, manifestation, and mental clarity. It is also known as the “Master healer,” which means it can heal all the mind and body chakras and help create balance. 

Additionally, the gemstone can help clear negativity and refresh your aura. 

5. Celestite

Color of the stone: Light blue

Celestite crystal is derived from the word “celestial.” Just like any other blue gemstone, celestite also signifies calmness and reconciliation. Wearing and gifting a celestite can help decrease anxiety in a relationship, and it makes the process of forgiving and forgetting easier. 

It also gives the wearer beautiful dreams and makes it a fabulous gem for bed. 

6. Carnelian

Color of the stone: Vibrant orange with stripes

The carnelian signifies confidence, creativity, and passion. It is a stabilizing stone that restores the mind and body with courage. Wearing this gemstone will help you become a leader and encourage you to take risks. 

You will also notice the charming effect of this stone on you. It’s all possible due to the resilient healing properties of carnelian. 

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7. halcedony

Color of the stone: opaque blue

Chalcedony is known to provide exceptional healing properties to its wearer. It fosters goodwill, nurtures the soul, and helps you maintain good relationships with yourself and others. 

The American tribes used this gemstone to strengthen the bonds during ritual ceremonies. It helps with emotional balance, generosity, problem-solving, and communication. Chalcedony stabilizes your entire mind, body, and spirit, and it is also known as the balancing stone.

8. Garnet

 Color of the stone: Dark red

The stone is strongly associated with the heart and is cherished for higher love. It strengthens friendships due to its healing properties. 

It encourages spiritual—gratitude, positive energy, and prosperity. 

9. Jade

Color of the stone: Light to dark green

Jade is the crystal for intelligence. These stones help increase wisdom, relieve stress, and allow the mind to concentrate on essential things. Jade also brings the wearer prosperity and good fortune in money and career. 

Spiritually, Jade signifies ultimate tranquility and serenity and protects against all harm. 

10. Rose Quartz

Color of the stone: Pink

The crystal represents unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. It signifies opening the heart to love-- friendship, self-love, and intimacy. It means a more gentle kind of love.

This love is not only romantic but also helps with developing feelings of self-love and spiritual devotion. Rose Quartz is best to heal from emotional traumas like breakups, and it helps calm the aching heart.

11. Emerald

Color of the stone: Dark green

Emerald represents fertility and is known as the fertility stone. It helps foster new beginnings and create spiritual protection and awareness. People who wear emeralds can visualize the future too, and the gemstone is considered a symbol of truth. Mythologically, lord Venus chose this gemstone as she was the ruler of love and hope. 

Different gemstones have different symbolism and are used for various purposes. These gemstones have been treasured for thousands of years, and every gem has its own story of beauty, power, and benefits. 

Gemstones naturally heal the common ailments of wearers. Did you pick a gem out of our list?

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