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Important Medical Terminologies to Understand


Important Medical Terminologies to Understand

Medical science is the most important factor contributing towards the overall wellness of the person. There are some important terminologies that are important to know in this respect. People take Prosoma 500mg to reduce the pain related problems.

(CBC) Blood count: It is a broad panel of screening tests that examine different parts of the blood and it can be used to diagnose anemia, infections, and various other diseases.

Complicated Migraine: A migraine where one or more of the symptoms linger for at least one day after the headache is gone.

Compounding pharmacy: This is a  pharmacy that mixes custom medications for various patients and doctors.

Compression fracture: This is generally a collapse of a bone, especially the bone in the spine.

Conception: This is a start of pregnancy, when an egg is fertilized by the sperm.

Condyle: This is a rounded knob present at the end of a bone.

Cones: These are the cells present in the retina that are sensitive to color and light.

Congestion: This is an accumulation of mucus in an organ.

Conjunctiva: The clear, thin membrane that usually covers the inside of the eyelid and also the white part of the eyeball.

Conjunctivitis: Swelling or infection of the thin lining of eyes.

Consolidation: In this  brain transforms newly acquired information into long-term memories.

Contact dermatitis: A rash or a type of skin irritation resulting when skin gets in contact with an irritating substance.

Contractile proteins: Proteins that generally help in shortening of the length of muscle cells.

Controllers: These are generally the type of asthma medications which are taken daily to prevent or control various symptoms.

Contusion: This is referred to as a bruise. This is an injury that causes swelling, and, pain, but does not break the skin.

Convulsion: This is the uncontrollable shaking of the body which is caused by muscles that are contracting and relaxing repeatedly.

corn: It is an area which is hardened, thickened which is caused by friction.

cornea: The clear dome that usually covers the front of the eye.

coronary: This is a type of artery that supplies blood to the heart.

coronary artery: Blood vessel that generally carries oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles.

coronary spasm: This term is known as the temporary constriction of an artery that supplies blood to the heart, and therefore slowing or stopping blood flow.

coronary care unit: It is a ward in a hospital that provides specialized care and monitoring for patients who are having heart problems.

corpus callosum: This is the large bundle of nerve fibers which is linking the left and right sides of the brain.

corrugator muscle: This is one of the muscles that forms frown lines on the forehead.

cortex: This is the middle layer and main structure of the hair shaft, which consists mainly of compact bundles of protein and keratin.

cortical bone: This is the hard, tightly-packed tissue that usually forms the outer shell of bones, also known by the name of Contact Bone.

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