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Traffic Rules & Regulations

Traffic Rules & Regulations

Traffic rules and regulations are the most important part in terms of safe driving experiences. These rules are generally designed to get things in place both in terms of safety and various other conditions. There are a variety of rules and regulations associated with driving that are to be followed. Some of them are listed below for your reference. 

There are many other rules and regulations that are followed in terms of LGV Driver Training.

  • It is often advised that one should always try to keep Left when driving on a two-way road. This is done to allow traffic from the opposite side to pass on your right.  
  • In case the road is one-way, then you should allow the vehicles behind you to overtake from the right side.
  • When you are turning left then you should keep your vehicle to the left side of the road.
  • When you need to take a right turn then keep in the center and make it near to that side when the turn is nearby. 
  • It is also advised in many conditions that you need to slow down generally at the road junctions, intersections, pedestrian crossings, and road corners and you need to wait till the road is clear and safe to pass. passage ahead.
  • It is also seen that sometimes it is important to make use of the hand signals because they become necessary at times like when you need to slow down you need to extend and swing it up to your right arm. When you are stopping, raise your forearm vertically outside the vehicle.
  • It is also important to wear a Helmet when a person is driving two-wheelers, it is designed and regulated in the rules for driving for the safety of individuals. The people wearing a turban are exempted from the same.
  • Also, One should take care that people should not park the vehicles near road crossing or on the top of the hills or a footpath, followed by parking near the traffic light, etc as this can create problems.
  • Towing is only permitted for the vehicles that are mechanically damaged or the vehicles that are allowed for carrying a trailer. As there are some major accidents that can happen and therefore the need for towing arises.

Traffic Signals

There are a variety of signals that are associated with road safety and other related aspects. Some of the traffic rules are to be followed to have safer driving experiences. These are listed below for your reference.


This is the major signal which is kept for safety, especially where there are intersections between the roads. It is advised that the person should stop before the arrival of the stop line and should not create a mess at the intersection point. Once the person stops at the stop line it is much easier for the other people to pass through, therefore the lesser chances of accidents. 

Be Alert:

The Amber light is the time when the person can clear off the road till the signal changes from green light to red light. You need to be alert while crossing the lights, even if you are stuck up within the amber light then you should not panic and cover up the situation easily.


Do not move on instantly while the signal is green, see if the other lanes are cleared off and also move with proper care.

Green Arrow Signal:

One should follow the green arrow signals as directed with proper care to have safe driving experiences.  

Flashing Red Signal

You must come to a complete stop, yield to all other traffic and pedestrians. Proceed only when the way is clear.

Amber Signal

It is often advised that in case you are stuck with the amber signal then you should timely slow down and proceed with caution.

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