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How to speed up metabolism for shedding belly fat


How to speed up metabolism for shedding belly fat

Have you ever come across a friend who eats whatever he & still stays smart? That is the one who has a higher metabolism. Metabolism is the term that describes all of the chemical reactions that take place in your body. Such chemical reactions play a great role in keeping the body alive & functioning. But, the term metabolism is used interchangeably with the metabolic rate, or calories you get to burn. The better your metabolism number is, the more calories you will get to burn & the easier it will be for you to shed belly fat and keep it slim. High metabolism also provides you energy & makes you feel good about yourself. 

Your metabolism defines how the body burns fuel & burns energy. One should care about his metabolic rate as it plays a great role in determining your weight. It determines your appetite and fat levels in your body. So if the metabolism is slow, then you won’t be able to burn fuel fastly, & it will make your body store unwanted amounts of fat. Luckily, anyone can work on improving his metabolic rate, it can be done simply by choosing the right kind of foods & avoiding the wrong types. The growling belly indicates declining blood sugar, which is bad for your metabolism. Right foods consumed along with cardio workout for shedding belly fat plays a great role in boosting your metabolism and giving you a flat belly. 

Every time you skip a meal, the blood sugar levels in your body drop, the body over-releases the hormone that burns your muscle, not the fat. This is why dieting isn’t a good approach for shaping your body in the long run. As it generates a core deficit that burns your muscle. Then for your next meal, your body craves carbohydrates. Which spikes the blood sugar levels & releases the insulin while storing fat. The more fat you have, the slower your metabolism will be.

Some people have a faster metabolism than others

Your body size, gender, age & genes play a great role in boosting your metabolism. Muscular cells need higher energy for maintaining fat cells, people who have more muscle compared to them have a faster metabolism. As we age, we gain fat & lose muscle. Mostly that fat gets stored around your waistline. It’s typically common in females. In general, men are more likely to have a higher metabolism as they have more muscular mass, heavy bones & less body fat. Your metabolism is partly determined by the genes, it’s not fully understood though. Undoubtedly genes play a great role in determining your muscle size & the ability to grow muscles, both have a higher effect on your metabolism. With a lesser amount of muscle & slow metabolism, it becomes way easier for your body to put on extra fat. That’s why it’s highly recommended to do HIIT for weight loss while following a low-calorie diet.  

1. Curb carbs instead of fats

When researchers compared the results of heart losing weight by following a low-carb diet versus a low-fat diet for six months—both of the plans containing the same calories—those who followed a low-carb diet lost 10 pounds on average more than the people who were on the low-fat diet. An additional benefit of following a low-carb diet plan is it produces a higher weight loss effect. With the right weight loss approach, fat levels in your body get reduced, but also there’s the loss of lean muscle tissue, it’s something that you won’t desire. With both of the diet approaches, the weight loss was up to 2-3 pounds which is good for lean tissue along with fat, meaning that the fat loss percentage is much higher if you follow a low-carb diet.

2. Eating plan, not diet

Ultimately, you must pick a healthy diet plan which makes it easier for you to follow. One of the main benefits of having a low-carb diet approach is it simply makes you eat healthier food. Making healthier food choices shift your way of consuming foods, it keeps you away from problematic foods. The diets that have higher carb content & sugar without high fibers such as bagels, bread & sodas—& toward high-fiber, high-protein choices, such as vegetables, lean meat, and beans.

3. Keep moving

Doing an adequate amount of physical activity is very helpful in burning abdominal fat. The biggest benefit that exercise offers is that you will get way more bang for the buck on your body composition. Working out regularly helps in shedding off abdomina; fat in a very effective way. The workout works your belly fat in a particular manner as it lowers the circulating insulin levels. That would signal your body otherwise to get hung onto the fat—& makes your liver consume the fatty acids, especially the ones present near the visceral fat layers. The amount of workout that is required for losing weight depends on your ultimate goals. For most people, it means around 30-60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day.

4. Eat Plenty of Protein 

Consuming foods that boost your metabolism up to few hours is known as the thermic effect of food. It can be achieved by the extra amount of calories that are required for digestion, absorption & processing of nutrients in the meal. Protein causes the highest rise in TEF. Consuming plenty of proteins daily increases the metabolic rate up to 15–30%. Consuming proteins has shown to be very helpful in making you feel full while preventing overeating. Studies suggest that people are likely to consume up to 441 lesser calories in a  day when protein makes up 30% of the diet. Consuming more protein also helps in reducing the drop of metabolism which is associated with fat loss. It is because this protein reduces muscle loss. 

5. Drink More Cold Water

Those who drink plain water rather than sugary drinks tend to be more successful when it comes to losing weight & keeping it off. The reason is that sugary drinks have calories, replacing them with water lowers the calorie intake. Drinking water can temporarily boost your metabolism. Studies have suggested that taking 17 ounces of water speeds up the resting metabolism up to 10–30% for an hour. The calorie-burning effect can be greater if you take cold water, as the body utilizes energy for heating it. Water also makes you feel full. Studies suggest that taking water about half an hour before consuming your meal helps in eating less food. A study regarding overweight in adults suggests that those people who drink up to a half-liter of water before consuming their meals lose up to 44% weight compared to those who didn’t. 

6. Lifting Heavyweights 

Your muscles are more metabolically active than the fat content in your body, & building muscle helps in increasing your metabolism means you will get to burn a higher amount of calories per day, even when you are resting. Lifting heavy weights also helps in retaining muscle & combating the drop of metabolism which occurs during your weight loss journey. In a study, around 48 overweight women followed a diet plan of 800 calories in a day, along with no workout, aerobic workout, or resistance training. After dieting, women who performed resistance training successfully maintained muscle mass, metabolism & strength. Those who lost weight, while losing muscle mass experienced a decrease in their metabolism. 

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