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How to program your HIIT workout

How to program your HIIT workout

High-intensity interval training is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Each person has baseline fitness which is described as high intensity for one person which may be either too intense or not challenging enough for someone else. HIIT has lots of benefits as it can burn a lot of calories in a short period. Your metabolic rate is raised after intense exercise, it also helps you to lose fats, you also gain muscles using HIIT, it can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure as well. So if you are an athlete searching for appropriate yet stylish gym gear I would advise you to shop them from born tough

One of the most tricky tasks is to decide what exercise you should be starting at the gym. I can see most of the people looking around for the workout in an aimless manner, which is a highly uncomfortable and demotivating factor. 

Unfortunately, we are not trained on how we can come up with our workout we are dependant upon the trainer to guide us. But if we plan our workout it will be super fun. In my today’s blog, I will describe in detail that how you can plan up your HIIT workout. 

Before, structuring your workout make sure that you need to have some recovery period too so that you would be able to breathe and should get ready for the next challenge. 

Focussing on compound movements. 

Always try to focus to work on a larger group of muscles, because they will help your body to evolve more energy, thus burning more calories which ultimately which will give the greater outcome of your workout. So try to choose compound exercises that will give you a full-body workout but not simple moves. 

Intervals of HIIT training. 

While you are performing HIIT the time duration of your workout and recovery for each interval should be 15 seconds up to 2 to 3 minutes in duration. So it means the total period of your HIIT session should be around 30 to 60 minutes in length followed by the time included for a warm-up and cool down. Besides that, if you want to indulge yourself in a HIIT training workout and you need to have sweat-wicking outfits, I would advise you to shop them from born tough, at the cheapest price with the best quality. 

How can I plan my own HIIT workout? 

Jumping jack 

A jumping jack is a cardio workout that uses oxygen to meet the requirement of your muscles to stimulate the muscles of your heart. Therefore the healthy pumping of your heart will prevent your heart from strokes and blockage. 

There are several benefits of the jumping jack which are mentioned below

  1. They are good for your bones health
  2. They help you to reduce weight
  3. They help you to reduce stress
  4. They are good for your heart health
  5. They help you to develop muscle strength as well

How to do jumping jack? 

To do a jumping jack, stand in a way that your feet are together and your hands should be at your sides. Now raise your arms in the upward direction I mean they should be above your head, now jump upward in a way that you can spread your feet out wide. Without taking any pause, reverse these movements and repeat this exercise. 

Leg squats 

Leg squats are HIIT workout which helps to shape up your quads, hamstring, and glute muscles. They will also help you to maintain your balance and will help you in mobility along with that it will increase your strength too. It has also been observed that the deeper will be your squats, the more your glute muscles will work. 

High knee workout.

The high knee is a fast-paced workout that is considered a HIIT workout. It gets your heart rate up, also improves your body coordination, momentum, and flexibility as well by engaging your core muscles, and by strengthening all the muscles of your’s in your legs. 

How to perform your high knee workout? 

  1. Stand with your feet wide apart from each other. Now try to lift your left knee towards your chest.
  2. Now switch your leg and lift your right knee towards your chest. Continue this movement, by altering your legs and moving at the running or sprinting pace. 
  3. Do at least four sets of 50 high knees for each leg to burn more calories. For your ease, you can also use a stopwatch. Do remember that the higher you bring your knees the more will be the impact. 

A routine that gives you more benefits of HIIT 

You need to develop a routine that will give you more benefits associated with HIIT workouts. 

Always try to do some warm-ups before starting the HIIT workout, because warm-ups will protect you against several injuries, and soreness. Also make sure to include some resistance training exercises which have compound movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and kettlebell swings. Also, the movements that include the muscles of the legs and core for example squats, and burpees are of great choice because your legs consist of a larger muscles group. 

Other than that, before taking a start make sure that your starting position is correct especially when you are doing a bodyweight workout. Also if you are doing an intense workout to perform your movements properly then it’s time for you to take a break. 

Along with that when you are repeating your circuit, don’t forget to select how many circuits you will be doing too. This will help you to get engaged with your workout, rather than finishing your one circle at a time and afterward stopping once you get exhausted.

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