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Cardio vs. Fat Burn on a Treadmill

 Cardio vs. Fat Burn on a Treadmill

If you look at some of the weirdest reasons people die, everything will eventually lead you to one simple answer, eating too much and not working out. Obesity according to most doctors is not just related to eating disorders and metabolic issues, it is a lifestyle that we adapt to. Inactive and passive lifestyle has led us to automation. We look for solutions and shortcuts in our life. Apart from this, we have seen that people are now willing to invest in gears or machines that can complete the work for them. Most of us are stuck in routine work and jobs. 

We struggle with daily work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some people complain that they have been waking up only with the motivation to go to work and when they come back home, they just have enough time to sleep. The food that they eat is usually cheap food that is available in local food joints. In short, it is a capitalistic ideal where you only earn enough that you can spend for the next month but not enough that you can choose a healthy lifestyle. 

Even for simple and healthy food choices, you need to invest a hefty amount. Even if you want to work out, you need to invest in a gym membership. Where most people compare healthy living expenses with simple living, others feel it is much better to rely on unhealthy things because they are much cheaper. Amidst this current debate of an expensive healthy lifestyle, scientists have introduced a very simple solution. There are so many different exercises that will not require such a huge investment. Apart from this, you don’t need investment, gym membership, or too much time.


With the help of this article, we will be able to compare simple cardio exercises that do not require any use of equipment with treadmills. We will also talk about the perks and disadvantages of both exercises. Apart from this, we will also compare both exercises from a weight loss point of view.

What Is Cardio?

Cardio is one of the most famous workouts that is recommended by health and fitness professionals. This workout is especially good for your heart and this is the reason it is known as cardio. It helps you sweat, raise the body temperature and increase the heartbeat, which eventually helps you improve the strength of your heart. All in all, cardio is one of the best exercises that doesn’t require any special equipment. Apart from this most cardio exercises are fun and they also help with engaging several different muscles from the whole body. 

The cardio workout that is perfected by using a treadmill is very intense. It helps in improving metabolism and also helps with melting away all the fat. Overall, the fat melting process is the very low intensity which means you might find a better option as well. According to most professionals, treadmills cannot be declared as the best option for fat loss.

What Is Cardio?

Fat Burn vs. Cardio

The fat-burning process on a treadmill is far different than the normal cardio that we perform. If we look at the preprogrammed workouts that are usually recommended by fitness professionals we will see that fat burn and cardio both help in picking up the heart rate. You will be able to achieve the intensity of exercises according to your heart’s desire. For the fat-burning zone, you need to stay on a low-intensity workout while keeping a simple and slow pace. You will also need to stay within 70 to 80 percent of calories burned and persistence is the key. The National Academy of Sports medicine explains that fat burning is usually done at low intensity so you need to keep your pace low so that you can burn more fat.

On the contrary, when you move to the cardio zone, you will pick up some speed. This will be a high-intensity workout and the body will no longer use fat. Instead, it will switch to a high-intensity duel which is carbs. In short, as your body picks up speed, you no longer lose fat, instead, you start to lose carbs. This is the level of exercise that helps you burn more or less fast according to the pace and consistency. With high intense workout, you will get tired easily and you will exhaust more calories within a short time.

Fat Burn vs. Cardio

Most fitness professionals and researchers usually divide the intensity and usage of calories into the zone. With maximum heart rate, the zone is for carbs whereas with less heart rate the zone is for fats. You can calculate the zone by using 220 as a standard and subtracting your age from 220. The fat-burning zone will be somewhere when your heartbeat will be between 60 to 75 beats per minute whereas the cardio zone will be somewhere between 75 to 80. This is dependent on your heart rate and not your actual age.

Treadmill Fat Burn

As treadmill is now becoming common, fitness instructors are now explaining that it can be used in multiple ways. This is not just limited to the simple use of cardio, you can also customize by using various other options. You can adjust speed, friction, ease of walk, and other things as well that you are not able to adjust when you are walking on your own. However, before you start a cardio workout on the treadmill it is very important to consult a professional. With weight loss plans most people are willing to push their limits which can cause injury as well. You need to start slow and build intensity. Apart from this, jumping straight to a high-intensity workout is the worst mistake that most people commit. For a better understanding, it is better to take help from a professional and then rely on yourself once you know the limitations of your body.

Rather than customizing the workout plan on your own, professionals advise that there are pre-programmed fat-burning workouts that people should use. You should also use a talk test to ensure that your body is not getting too exhausted. If your body is exhausted being a certain limit, you will get prone to injury.

Treadmill Fat Burn

Another important thing is to eat healthily and keep your body hydrated. Most people rely on starving themselves which impacts their overall body health. It is better to set a high protein diet that can help you speed up the progress. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that both cardio and treadmill-based exercises cannot be compared because each exercise has its benefits. Apart from this cardio is something that doesn’t require hefty investment or any special equipment. 

You can do it anywhere at any time and you don’t require any assistance. Most people like cardio because they feel there are so many options that you don’t get bored. On the contrary, a treadmill is just one simple exercise that you cannot change. It all comes down to your ease because some people do not want to go out, whereas others like to go out and find a peaceful place to work out. Your personal preference affects the choice of your exercise because both options can be customized according to your need.

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