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5 defensive in boxing arsenal

5 defensive in boxing arsenal

Boxing is no doubt an amazing sport, which is not only for those big joints which you watch on screen. It’s a sport which everyone can do, and you can also practice various skills of boxing just for fun as well instead of hurting others. Other than that professionally, if you want to train in boxing, there are numerous skills that you can learn if you want to become an outstanding boxer. So the main skills of boxing that you can learn are the boxer’s stance, the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut punches. So a smart boxer can utilize a combination of these skills like footwork and punches together for great performance. 

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Defense in boxing is the utmost skill which you should learn. It is more important than other techniques which are required to knock down your opponent. One of the best ways from which you can learn your defensive technique is practicing defensive drills, which includes defensive punching blocking and evasive footwork. 

Defense is an integral part of boxing’s skill set. Having the basic defensive skills is important for your growth as a fighter. So there are a plethora of defensive techniques which I will be describing in my blog today. 

1. Slipping 

Slipping is the essential tactic it is the head movement that double the avoidance tactics to slip punches. When you are capable of moving your head to the one side of the shoulders and dough a blow, it means you have completed a boxing slip. 

It is a very important reactionary defensive skill if you execute it correctly. In this technique, you assume/anticipate your opponent's punch and then accordingly move your head slightly on the right or left side so that your opponent can miss his/her punch. This is the tactful point in which you can counterattack your opponent by exerting the punch for which he/she would not be prepared.

I would say to start practicing slipping punches on your mitts or sparring. You can also practice this defensive skill by standing in front of the mirror or through shadow boxing as well. 

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2..Bobbing and weaving. 

Bobbing and weaving is another type of defensive skill that moves the head both beneath and laterally of an incoming punch. When your opponent executes the punch, the fighter tries to bend his/her leg hurriedly and simultaneously shifts his/her body slightly towards the right or left side. 

What is the difference between bobbing and weaving? 

Bobbing is ducking your head and weaving means moving your head especially when you are ducking. If you can bend over easily then surely you can bob. Likewise, if you can rotate your neck easily then you can weave. 

3. Rolling 

Rolling takes you from the defensive position to an offensive position, which helps you to start exerting pressure back on your opponent. It's a very calculated move that is mostly used in the ring and can still be applied and learned when you are working on mitts. In other words, I would describe rolling in a way that by rolling skills you can get some of the impacts of punches away. In boxing, you can find yourself in some difficult situations, where you are not in a position to weave or slip under the punch, and the smart way to defend yourself is to roll with the punch. 

Should you roll with a punch? 

Rolling with the punches is one of the defensive options which you can opt for in boxing. If a boxer can establish the skill to defend themselves from being hit by their opponent, they are good on their way to winning the fight. 

4. Parrying. 

Parrying is an amazing defensive skill that uses your opponent’s energy against him. Blocking is another defensive technique that can absorb some of the damage, whereas parrying can deflect the attack entirely. Parrying is dominant, over blocking as it makes you learn and understand how to counterattack your opponent. Instead of absorbing your opponent’s power punch, you are distracting it somewhere else, to make your opponent off balance or vulnerable. So, in another word you can say that parry a punch means to deflect it away into another direction. 

If you want to get better at parrying I would say that the more your opponent will get committed to his/her punches, the more efficient and effective your parry will be. 

5. clinching 

In boxing ‘clinch’ is the defensive move at which a boxer wraps his/her opponent’s arm and holds on to take a pause. Clinching is the legal move in boxing and the boxers are taught how they can clinch properly, and also how and when they can utilize this defensive clinching skill. 

After you learn the basics of boxing it is also important for you to learn the clutching skill too, that how it can help you during your fighting sessions. 

Other than that, before learning and understanding these defensive skills I would advise you to take some precautionary measures first. For example, you should wear the mouthpiece before getting into the ring, you protect your mouth and teeth to reduce the impact of a punching blow to the head. Similarly, you should wear headgear, (to protect yourself from head injuries), hand wraps, joint protector, groin protector, shin guard, boxing gloves, and also tape and gauze.

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