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The Best Uses of Vitamins and Supplements

The Best Uses of Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamin is that type of nutrient that, however its requirement is small in amount but the deficiency, can cause significant diseases and problems. Vitamins are a class of organic aggregates classified as essential nutrients. They fall under the category of micronutrients. The body generally synthesizes few vitamins; most of the vitamins come from external sources. 

Vitamins are divided mainly into two groups-

1. Fat-soluble vitamins- Vit A, Vit D, Vit E, Vit K

2. Water-soluble vitamins- Vit B group, Vit C


Also, there is a rise in the use of multivitamins and vitamin supplements daily. Many people don’t take an adequate amount of vitamins in their diet and rely mainly on supplements to fill that nutrient gap. Vitamin and supplements are pretty necessary during this pandemic situation as they boost immunity power too. The different vitamins play different roles in the body; hence, an individual needs different amounts of each vitamin to stay healthy. 

Benefits of taking vitamins and supplements? 

  • They help in cell growth and the development of strong bones and teeth. They stand against a weakening of bones in old age and decrease the bone resorption process. 
  • They play a pivotal role in improving your eyesight. A good amount of Vit A is present in rhodopsin pigment found in the eye. Without adequate vitamins in your diet, you are more likely to suffer from night blindness. 
  • These vitamins and supplements are beneficial for red blood cell production, cell metabolism, and DNA synthesis. They also help you to maintain the hemoglobin level of your body. 
  • They also act as powerful antioxidants and reduce damaging free radicals. Without proper intake, you may suffer from scurvy and other diseases.  
  • They help in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, control your cholesterol level, and help in maintaining the chemical balance between blood and tissue. 
  • These also help in controlling the excessive growth of cells and reduce the risk of cancers. They suspect and restrict the growth of tumors. 

Are supplements the substitution for a balanced diet? 

Only one answer- NO. Many friends of yours can insist you take vitamin supplements daily and may ask you to neglect your regular diet. But according to numerous studies and researches, it is seen that nothing can replace the importance of a perfectly balanced diet. A balanced diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables is the best source of all essential vitamins. 

Supplements generally consist of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, herbs, amino acids, etc. They come in powder, liquid, or capsule form.


Supplements or fortifications can be given to people during exceptional cases or conditions. For example, people are neglecting their diet, people having a restricted diet, people with specific health issues, or pregnant mothers- they all can take the dosage of vitamin supplements (obviously after a consult with a doctor). Some medications can interact with vitamin supplements and reduce their uptake. Sometimes even taking supplements in high amounts can cause vitamin toxicity and lead to various health ailments.  

How do you know if it’s a good supplement or not? 

1. Check for background science- If your supplement is well-reviewed and supported by authentic scientific sources, it is relatively safe to consume. See if the dosage is recommended by science. Search for science in those acclaimed natural sources and ensure its safety. 

2. Buy from a reputed source- Not all online claims and hoardings selling supplements provide good quality. While dealing with substances interfering with your body, make sure to buy it from a reputable and well-legalized store, be it online or offline. These stores will ensure quality control measures.

3. Choose herbal and single-ingredient supplements- to ensure your supplement has lower contamination go for third-party verified sources. Also, insist on buying herbal supplements which will contain an adequate amount of active ingredients. Supplements that have the label of single ingredients tend to be better. More ingredients for a single supplement may increase the risk of contamination. 

4. Remember, your supplement should be free from allergens, made without artificial colors or fillers, easily absorbed by the body, and recommended for limited use. Remember to store supplements in a proper environment. Some supplements may require a cool and dry place, whereas some supplements may require a refrigerator. Always check the expiry before buying from any vitamin supplement store. 

Some vitamins and supplements may also wear out when kept on the shelf or closed cabinet for too long. So do a regular check-up on your supplements and check for their expiry date. Try to keep those supplements away from small children.  

Where to get such quality vitamin supplements? 

  • You can reach a standard vitamin supplement store present in your area and look for the particular multivitamin you want. Multivitamins are the most famous set of vitamin supplements. You can check for their authenticity online and check the ingredients from any reputed site. 
  •  During the pandemic situation, the importance of online services has increased manifold. Currently, there are many vitamins store online which provides quality supplements for your necessity.


But also, you must be careful while dealing with something online. Sometimes you order something else, and the product comes with something different containing other fake ingredients. Also, the chances of contamination in that online vitamin store are relatively high. Vitamin stores like healthy planet Canada or stores like these are pretty reputed over time and provide the highest quality supplements.  

  • Local roaming sellers selling these supplements are always risky. They may turn out to have good quality multivitamins, but the odds are pretty low. So you may try to avoid buying from random sellers who keep no quality control measure or guarantee in their product. Sometimes you can also call the manufacturers of companies to know more about the ingredients.  

Verdict about Vitamins 

So you can see what vitamins are and how they are so essential in your daily life. Every vitamin, though minor in amount, provides a vital function in your body. You also see about supplements, the basis of a good supplement, where to find them, and the harms related to excessive consumption of supplements.

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