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How to Photograph Interiors Like a Professional

How to Photograph Interiors Like a Professional

Interior photography is not simply about taking shots within a building or a house. It is beyond that thing that needs sensible planning. Taking pictures indoors is just about exhibiting the interiors as cozy as possible, keeping it welcoming and airy, and picking the best angle for your snapshots.

So, let’s take a peek at these eight simple tips to shoot interiors like a professional for you to have an impressive start in indoor photography.

1. Use natural light whenever possible

Photography is simply about light. It may appear absurd to close the lights in a specific room before photographing but using an interior artificial light source is the least favorable type of lighting in a photograph. It can drop off the white balance, produce disturbing shadows, and create a dim and unpleasant room. 

Concentrate on making a lot of natural light within the room rather than having artificial light. You can unlock the doors, pull the curtains to the other side, or undo the blinds. Additional lighting, such as a flash, can help in illuminating the room as you photograph.

2. Use a Tripod

The light settings are seldom good enough to capture your interiors. Therefore, you will need a tripod! You can keep the aperture from F/9 to F/11 and a lower ISO to generate an overall sharp representation. 

Its shutter speed is not a problem since you have your camera attached on a tripod. So, a rugged tripod with bubble quantities will surely be a significant investment.

3. Choose the most interesting angle

Angle presents a more balancing and appealing photograph. That’s why your photo must convey a story by finding the most interesting angle. Try to add the floor in your shot. 

Capturing a room, excluding the floor, often forms a hanging and unsettled mood. You can bend down your knees and photograph from there. As you photograph the most interesting part of the entire room, don’t be scared zooming in and aim at minor elements, the vignettes shaped on dining tables, bedside desks, cupboards, and bar trolleys. 

Choose the best angle while having a window in the frame to create a room that’s bigger, more uncluttered, and pleasing. Also, have the distortion at its lowest - nobody aims for curved lines.

4. Stage your space

Do you fancy an interior that’s lived in, filled and uncluttered that can express a story? Well, the perfect way to achieve this is to put your room with the right tools and furniture. You can eliminate all the mess like cable wires, mailing, and everything that is not meant for decoration intents. Similarly, you can move furniture and decorations to generate a perfect composition.

5. Get rid of any clutter

It may look obvious, but uncluttering all the litter is a must! You want to view that stunning tabletop marble or check how the light strikes the custom niche with just one blinding figurine on it. 

Just look around and get rid of those distracting elements. Take note that even those buildings or homes with sophisticatedly done interiors need to be cleaned up and reorganized for a better photograph.

6. Edit every photo

Use editing software to heighten the quality of your photographs and save the best upshots. 

The first is to correct the lens by aligning the lines. Then, if you think some of the photo, parts are darker or brighter, you can adjust the image lighting. You can correct its overall temperature only when necessary. 

Also, you can change the precision and sharpness of the photo. And last, clean it with the use of cloning and spot removal tools.

7. Focus on the details

Leave more power and time into every bit of the process, together with post-production. Photographing interiors is very synergic and precise. This complete notice to details allows your shots to stand out like those taken by a pro. After all, your target is to make amazing interior photographs.

8. Plan Ahead for a Professional Result

Another essential part to consider before you take indoor photographs is to plan early as closely as possible. This way, you can have higher-quality shots of areas in your home. Also, you’ll determine what exact interior photographs you intend for every room space.

In terms of interior photography, you need to capture at a proper height, about 5′or so. Hold the camera as upright as possible to prevent further distortion. When editing the photos, check and adjust the lens by straightening the lines for an upright shot. Keep constancy in mind as soon as you decide whether to switch on artificial lighting and correct and adjust the color for great compositions.


You don’t need to be a skilled photographer to capture great indoor photos. The best thing you need is the perfect equipment, diligence, and creativity. 

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