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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Manaus

 Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Manaus

What is it that you want to fulfill in your life? Are you wondering about going to Manaus this time? or do you want to explore some hidden beauty of this tropical city in Northwest Brazil? Maybe you are looking for their answers too… If you are thinking about the same, then why not book a ticket from the Delta Airlines Official Site

Manaus: sitting on the banks of the Rio Negro and between the Amazon Rainforests, always ready to give you the most memorable moments. How about strolling around its atmospheric parks? or shopping around its bustling markets? Doesn't it sound amazing? Yes? Then, guys!! Plan your journey with your family members and friends…. God knows, what they are cooking in their minds!!

Unexpected Water Meeting 

Manaus is located between the world's largest rainforests which is home to many species of birds, fish, animals, and more. One such marvel is its unexpected water meeting. 

Yes, you have read it right!! Visitors can take a cruise from Manaus with a fee of US $50 per person, and get to see an amazing convergence of black Rio Negro and sandy Amazon river. For travelers, whether they are professionals or first-time visitors, the view of the meeting of waters can be impressive. 

Appreciate Catedral Metropolitana

What will be your plans, if you get to know that there is a magnificent structure here in Manaus? Would you love to know about it? Yes? Then come to Manaus and see the marvelous Catedral Metropolitana. Find some tranquil moments inside, away from the heat and bustle of the city. 

You can also appreciate its loveliness, which is inspired by Greek architecture. The site is also popular among tourists for its plenty of photo opportunities and attractive spots. Want to know more about the city, just book Delta Flight Tickets from its official app and book a journey to the Catedral Metropolitana. 

Roam around Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market

Don't wait and step in at the Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market to shop around its beautifully crafted shops!!! The market features traditional food stalls, arty crafts, and stylish Amazonian souvenirs. A great place to hang out with family and friends, and roaming inside trendy shops with them. Do you really wanna need to include this in your summer itinerary? 

Well, your answer should be "yes'!!! Ask out your closed ones and know what their suggestions for a perfect Manaus trip are?? 

Musical Teatro Amazonas

A fine example of the Belle Epoque-style architecture, Manaus Opera House or Teatro Amazonas has everything special to show you!!! Just visit the building and discover what it is known for… A home to theatrical and musical performances, the Manaus Opera House has several interesting activities that you will cherish for life. 

You can spend more than little time here, vibe to the opera performances, or have lunch at the square, everything that you deserve. So folks!! Get up from your beds and reserve tickets from the Delta Airlines Reservations portal.

Tour around Museu Da Amazonia (MUSA)

Visitors are offered easy and safe walks into the Amazon jungle inside the Museu Da Amazonia (MUSA). Guys!! Aren't you interested to stroll in the lush green enclave of MUSA? If your answer is "yes", then you should visit here once. 

Learn more about the Amazon rainforest and the creatures that inhabit it. Stroll along the grounds of the Manaus Botanical Gardens, taking selfies and snaps with flowers and animals. You will get a thrilling opportunity to see resident monkeys frolicking in the trees. A three-hour guided tour is available for visitors with a fee of US $10, and there is a fee of US $5.66 for self-guided tours. 

Admire around Palácio Rio Negro

Palácio Rio Negro is a place that should be included in your must-visit destination list. The Palace displays its alluring charm and magnificent structure. Popular for its fine art galleries, performance spaces, and a coin museum, the Rio Negro Palace or Palácio Rio Negro is ready to sway your mind completely. 

Don't you want to explore its wide arty halls or admire its architectural beauty? Then you definitely should spend a couple of hours here. Book tickets for your entire family through the Delta Airlines flight booking portal and get an amazing journey at less ticket costs. 

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