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Top Attractions and Things to do in Hartford

 Top Attractions and Things to do in Hartford

If you are a beautiful park lover, Hartford can be the best place for you! It is the capital of Connecticut and has great wedding spots and also unique museums. So if you wish to have some real fun with your friends and family, it can be the best spot for you.

But are you wondering about the most attractive tourist spots here? And also worried about the costs?

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And confused about where to go and where to stay, the following are the top destinations you must visit in Hartford.

So, without adieu, let us get started.

Elizabeth Park

It is a park which is situated at Asylum Avenue. It covers the area of 102 acres. It is one of the most popular parks, and the most sorted out portion here is the Rose Garden if you are wondering what you can do all here! For people with kids, its one of the best places to visit. In addition to the famous rose garden is much attracted because of greenhouses, lawns, pathways, tennis courts, and ponds. Isn't that interesting?

Connecticut State Capitol

The Connecticut State Capitol is fully made of marble and granite and was opened in the olden time of the year 1871. It is designated as U.S. National Historic Landmark.

The main floor consists of historical artifacts. There are lots of self-guided tours which are conducted from Monday to Friday. Th school tours and also the private group tours are also available here.

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The Mark Twain House & Museum

It is situated on Farmington Avenue. It is a historical building where Mark Twain lived and wrote the most famous books, including Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Huckleberry, etc. 

These books are the most available books for the kids and the teenagers and might have got these books in their syllabus. So, it could be a great adventure to visit this place, and at the same time, it is a beautiful building where one can plan a whole day out here!

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The Bushnell Performing Arts Center

The Bushnell Performing Arts Center is present on Capitol Avenue and was previously named Bushnell Memorial Hall. If you are a theatre lover, this can be the great source of attraction for you! 

The center has numerous theatres, which also involve Mortensen Hall. Along with this, it also consists of educational programs as well as community outreach programs. Couples not to get disappointed! 

You can also grab some romantic date night ideas located in Hartford, CT. You can also watch a great performance at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center.

TheaterWorks, Hartford

If you are in love with new drams, TheatreWorks can be the best option for you! The entire building is called Arts on Pearl and consists of galleries, a rehearsal room, and storage spaces. It can accommodate around 195 people. 

So, all those who love exploring such theatres, old galleries, and buildings and wish to observe the rehearsal rooms can surely go for it!

On20 Hartford

On20 is the most upscale restaurant, which helps you give an add-on view of the river beneath the 20th floor of One State Street. So, if you are with your friends, family, or even alone, it is a perfect place for good lunches, some extremely romantic candle-lit dinners, and some fun family food too. 

It has several French-trained Executive Chefs who can create some local ingredients to add to the food.

The best portion is the menu; it is the best spot to take a little break and have a bite at the most affordable prices. Afterall visiting so many tourist spots, one needs to taste the local food too! So why miss the chance!

So above were the most exotic destinations and the ideas about the activities you can do there!

Why miss such a golden chance of visiting here! Is money the issue?

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When you know where to go, travelling becomes fun!

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