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Guided Metrics on ERP Software and its Implementation Process

 Guided Metrics on ERP Software and its Implementation Process

Companies with multiple branches located across different geographies need steady technology to get their business errands covered. Having real-time updates over operations across the supply chain can be a mundane task if you don’t have the right tools at play. 

That is when an ERP system turns into a life savior that one cannot ignore. Wonder what an ERP system is or how it helps you execute your business operations efficiently? Relax, this piece is all about it! Continue reading to find out everything about ERP software & how can you choose the right one. Let’s get started. 

What is ERP software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning  System, helping organizations streamline business activities covering departments like accounts, human resources, procurement, assets management, and service distribution. There are mainly two types of ERP software architecture available in the market: monolithic architecture and postmodern architecture. Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, PeopleSoft, Epicor, and Control ERP are some of the top-graded ERP systems available in the market. 

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Benefits of ERP Software

Beneficial factors one can get access to by implementing an ERP system, are:

a) Accurate Customer Service 

Deployed ERP systems initiate accurate access to customer-specific information, facilitating faster response times, improved service delivery, and long-term retention. 

b) Business Reporting Made Easy 

A variety of reporting tools helps enterprises extract essential market trends and make efficient business decisions in real-time. 

c) Comprehensive Cash Management 

The software’s organized invoice management facility helps business houses decide their regular expenses and future projects. 

d) Data Security 

All your crucial business information gets stored in secured data centers located in different parts of the globe or hosted on the cloud. Thus, eliminating all chances of data loss, due to natural calamities or cyber threats.   

Steps in ERP Implementation Process

While choosing the right ERP software is an essential task to accomplish, getting the particular implemented and integrated with the running business is also of vital importance. Here are specific points describing the steps included in ERP implementation

  • Installation of the ERP software.
  • Configuration of settings and options as per the business needs of an individual organization. 
  • Data migration in bulk from the pre-existing systems. 
  • Setting up employees by assigning them a variety of roles, security objectives, and system access based on their designation within the organization.
  • Finally, getting started with the training procedure to make in-house staff well accustomed to the operation and data handling procedures. 

Further, there are two types of ERP implementation processes that companies can abide by, the phased approach and the other one is the big bang ERP implementation process. Business houses can choose anyone out of the two, as per their requirements. Moreover, taking help from a dedicated ERP consultant helps them simplify the process in real-time.     

Role of an ERP Consultant

An ERP consultant makes sure that the deployed ERP systems’ business metrics are on point, offering accurate business structure monitoring facilities. Listed below is a detailed overview of the responsibilities that an ERP consultant needs to serve.

  • Understand the operational factors of the individual software and make a detailed analysis.
  • Document its current functioning state and covered metrics.
  • Offer appropriate assistance to technical teams with process management, technical skill sorting, and change management as well. 
  • Note down estimates and design specifications, based on business requirements, besides participating in decision making.   

Apart from taking care of the above-discussed points, there are certain skills that an ERP consultant needs to possess, to ensure seamless operations. Companies with multiple branches consist of a variety of teams, ERP consultants with excellent organizational and communication skills find it easier to get their job done. Moreover, technical and coding skills, proper knowledge about business process analysis, financial accounting, organizational skills, and leadership quality make them stand out. 

Final Words

Running a business is not an easy task; it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and proper managerial skills to get everything on point. Investing in an ERP system simplifies the entire procedure in real-time. It automates multiple business functions and offers relevant suggestions to ensure that the admins’ decisions become fruitful in the long run. This article has tried to cover up important points regarding ERP software and relevant metrics regarding its implementation process. We hope that they turn out to be useful for the readers.  

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