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SSCP vs CISSP; Which is Superior?

 SSCP vs CISSP; Which is Superior?

Cybersecurity is IT Job No. 1 for many organizations, communities and therefore the demand for qualified security professionals has never been higher. There are many bodies giving security certifications and therefore the International system Security Certification association, or (ISC)2, is one in every of the most effective proverbial.

There are some of the body which are providing data security certifications. one in every of them is (ISC)2, the International system Security Certification association, that a standout amongst alternative proverbial. 

Certified data Systems Security skilled and CISSP is their most well liked and sought-after security certification, apparently one in every of the toughest and vital security certifications. 

Their security certification is that the Certified data Systems Security skilled (CISSP), arguably one in every of the foremost troublesome and valuable security certifications. 

Latest security professionals may notice the CISSP discouraging and will look to the (ISC)2 Systems Security Certified practician (SSCP), or to a different certification, as their on-ramp to certification. Beginners could understand the CISSP overwhelming and will wish to accumulate the Systems Security Certified practician or SSCP sure thing, or another certification, as their entrance ramp to data security. How regarding we have a tendency to dig any into these 2 certifications that is. CISSP and SSCP. We'll investigate what is concerned in effort them, their skilled price, the benefits, and drawbacks of every certification.

Certified Information Security Systems Professionals (CISSP) 

Certified professionals are unit being thought-about by the businesses to require charge of protective knowledge from illegal access. A chief importance is command by these certifications in Associate in Nursing individual’s profession. There are various cybersecurity certifications it consists are CCNA, CompTIA Security+, CISM, CISA, CEH, and CISSP. 

The CISSP certification is one amongst the toughest, vigorous and in-demand Certification. As you have got expertise from 3-5 year, you'll choose CISSP associate. CISSP certification, that is a complicated level certification. By a CISSP, you validate your experience Associate in nursing become an (ISC)² member, unlocking in-depth array of exclusive resources, instructional tools, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

The in depth stretch of topics embraced in CISSP certify its aptness through all directions in data security.  Productive candidates are proficient in these domains. Diverse exposure of information is dealt by eight domains.

Confers eligibility of CISSP;

Certified professionals area unit being thought-about by the businesses to require charge of protective knowledge from illegal access. Candidates UN agency needs to travel for Certified data systems Security skilled (CISSP) coaching have a minimum five years of labor expertise in 2 or a lot of of the eight domains licensed by (ISC)2 in their (Certified data System Security Professional) CISSP, Common Body of information (CBK). 

Annual expertise trainer will be earned with a 4-year faculty degree, or regional equivalent or further document from the (ISC)² approved list.

Wage Scale

The clearance of obligatory examination is needed to supply cybersecurity certifications and demand for trained cyber security professionals is high. A chief importance is command by these certifications in Associate in Nursing individual’s profession. The pay of a CISSP certification holder ranks on range three because the highest pay for IT professionals universally.

CISSP Exam format

Different formsCISSP CAT Exam Format
(English chosen participants only)
CISSP Linear Exam Format
(other than English Language chosen participants only)
Exam CostUSD 699USD 699
Exam FormatMultiple Choice, Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)Multiple Choice and Advanced Innovative Questions
Total Questions150 Questions250 Questions
Passing Score700 out of 1000700 out of 1000
Exam Duration180 Minutes6 Hours
LanguagesEnglishFrench, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
Testing CenterPearson VuePearson Vue

Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

SSCP is an untimely profession certification from (ISC)2, which is essential to only a single year of relevant cybersecurity experience and SSCP reveals you consist early career technical skills and infrastructure using security scenarios for the best use of it. 

Its focus is on sensible, technical aspects of security, whereas the CISSP emphasizes method, and SSCP differs in this case.

Though CISSP is meant for security consultants, the SSCP is associate degree entry-level certification offered by (ISC)2, that needs simply a year of pertinent cybersecurity expertise. It contrasts in this SSCP emphasizes useful, technical components of data security, with CISSP stressing upon process/operations. According to (ISC)2, the SSCP sure thing is for people in coming up with and administrator jobs, whereas CISSP is meant for qualified IT consultants — architects, advisors, and auditors, even as IT supervisors and officers. The SSCP is adequate to, nevertheless not too called, CompTIA's Security+ sure thing.

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Confers eligibility of SSCP

After all those with an SSCP are balanced, they can adjust to a wide range of everyday information security situations. An SSCP can expect a lot of assortment on account of their range of abilities. SSCP is approved for Levels I and II Information Assurance Technician (IAT) jobs.

Wage Scale

SSCP is an entry-level certification and it will only take your career to higher levels. The (ISC)2 brand must add value, because jobs for the equivalent CompTIA Security+ certification showed an average salary nearly $93,000.


CertificationSSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner)
Number of questions125 questions
Maximum Time Allowed3 hours
Passing Score (out of 1000)700-1000
Exam FeeUS $249
Available FormatsEnglish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese


Thus, the choice is certainly yours. Both CISSP vs SSCP are advanced, valuable, well-paying cybersecurity endorses. However, the demands for CISSP in particular is reportedly high-rise than the number of professionals skillful certified. You need to make your mind what would make you more pacified.

Few Aspects;

(Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
(Systems Security Certified Practitioner)
Number of Exam11
Roles• Security director or IT director
• Security or network architect
• Security manager
• Auditor
• Analyst
• Systems engineer
• System administrator
• Security analyst
• Systems engineer
• Security consultant or specialist
• Security administrator
• Systems or network analyst
Experience LevelExpertAdvanced
MaintenanceValid for 3 years; renewal requires 120 CPEs plus an $85 annual feeValid for 3 years; renewal requires 60 CPEs plus a $65 annual fee
Pre-requisites5 years of experience1 year of full-time paid experience
Average Wage$109,965$93,457
DomainsSecurity and Risk Management

Asset Security

Security Engineering

Communication and Network Security

Identity and Access Management

Security Assessment and Testing

Security Operations

Software Development Security
Access Controls

Security Operations and Administration

Risk Identification, Monitoring and Analysis

Incident Response and Recovery


Network and Communications Security

Systems and Application Security
FocusIT security, cybersecurityIT infrastructure security

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