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Questions To Ask Before Getting A Breast Reduction


Questions To Ask Before Getting A Breast Reduction

Deciding to go under the knife is a huge decision so it is best to prepare yourself with as much information as possible before going into your first consultation. In this article, we will go through ten of the main questions that should be asked to your professional surgeon before asking. More women are now opting for reducing their breasts, rather than enlarging them. This is due to cultural changes and the need for huge boobs is not a necessary part of life anymore amongst other reasons such as chronic back pain and difficulty breathing just to mention a few issues. 

Many questions need to be answered before you undergo the procedure from breastfeeding information to recovery information. You could be having a breast reduction Manchester based or in Los Angeles, all the information in this article will be relevant wherever you go.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Breast Reduction Surgeon?

Choosing the right procedure for your breast reduction is vital and it shouldn't be judged on any one thing as there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. Find a surgeon that is well qualified, experienced and find someone who you can talk to and feel comfortable with. It is important to find a surgeon you can feel comfortable with, and you openly and freely talk about what you want, rather than feeling that the surgeon leads the conversation. 

It is also extremely important to be able to understand the surgeon's techniques and aesthetics. It is key to ask for before and after pictures of people with the same breast size and a similar shade of skin so that you can see how alike yours will look once complete. 

What Are The Risks With Breast Reduction Surgery?

Several risks are associated with breast reduction but are pretty rare. The more serious risk is hematoma which is a blood clot. Other risks include loss of sensation in the nipples, capsular contracture and healing issues. In some rare cases, the blood to the nipple can get damaged which can cause nipple loss. There is also another risk of having asymmetrical results which is more common than most issues. 

Should I Wait To Have A Breast Reduction Until After My Breast Reduction?

The real answer is yes. If you are wanting to breastfeed then it is a good idea to wait. Breastfeeding possibilities after breast reduction is based on the number of milk ducts and milk-producing glands that remain. Reduction techniques that avoid removing the nipple or leave more glandular tissue in the chest wall have a higher chance of maintaining the potential to produce milk, this is never a sure thing and can't be told whether they can or can’t reduce the risk so this is important to know. 

On the other side of the fence, women as young as 18 get their breast size reduced due to the pain they suffer in their neck, back and shoulders. If this is the case and you are in pain, you can’t wait half your life to get this fixed, quality of life is just as important so this can be done too. 

What Is The Breast Reduction Recovery Process?

The breast reduction post operative process is not a hard recovery. For six weeks you should wear a surgical bra and should not be exercising. This means no heavy lifting, swimming, or physical activity. You should also be prescribed some painkillers which will help to reduce the pain. For a more thorough recovery process, read this article.

What Kind Of Scarring Is Expected After A Breast Reduction?

Straight after the operation, the scars are extremely visible, they will be red and raised. Over the course of a few months, the scars will flatten and lighten. It will take up to 12 months before you will be able to see how the full recovery has gone, but usually, patients make a good recovery with minimal scarring. The surgical bras that you wake up with take the pressure off the incisions. It is recommended after three to four weeks you should use some sort of scar cream and sunblock when you are at the beach. If you are worried about your scarring, it can be reduced by lasers and other treatments.

Do I Need To Lose Weight Before My Breast Reduction If I'm Overweight?

With all plastic surgery procedures, patients are recommended to be an appropriate weight before surgery. This is because surgeons want you to be safe and reduce the factors of infection. The higher your BMI, the higher the risk of infection. 

After surgery, you must eat a healthy balanced diet as this will provide all the nutrients you need for recovery. You should also gradually introduce yourself to being more active with light exercises so that you don't get any thick scar tissue that can cause capsular contracture.  

Will My Results Be Affected If My Weight Fluctuates After A Breast Reduction

Due to breast tissue, skin and fat being removed from the breast area, it is unlikely you will see any breast growth. It isn’t common, but it can happen though, especially when it is a result of hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause as well as weight gain and medication.

How Is The Size Of My Breast Reduction Determined?

When you are going for your consultation, you should be as honest and open as possible as you need to tell them exactly what you are after so they can give you the right information. It is important to have a mix between what the patient wants, and also what is going to be viable for them to have. The size should match the patient's figure as well as be small enough to remove the pressure from their neck, back and shoulder. 

Don’t be looking at magazines and saying ‘that's what I want as this will encourage you to fixate on a size that you want. Different companies have different sizing for their bras so it is redundant when you actually go into surgery. Most women actually wear the wrong size bra for their body anyway so it is more of a case of what is going to help you not be in pain. 

There is usually no correlation between the tissue removed and the post bra size as everyone has different frame sizes.

Can I Speak To Former Patients And See Before And After Photos?

If you know of anyone who has had a breast reduction, then sure, you can speak to them but you wouldn't be able to speak to other patients due to GDPR and patient/doctor confidentiality. 

You can however ask to see before and after images from previous patients as well as seeing testimonials. 

If you are getting a breast reduction and were not sure of some of the key questions, then I hope this has helped you with the process.

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