Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Reason Why People Spent Hours on Social Media Applications


Reason Why People Spent Hours on Social Media Applications

Did you know an average person spends 116 minutes on their social media feeds each day? This means they would be spending 5 years and four months of their life doing nothing!

I bet this average has increased during COVID-19. We are now spending more time indoors than ever and social media, web entertainment, and TV are only friends. I was running out of activities during the first nationwide lockdown, and it got me subscribing to Spectrum TV plan. I believe I am not the only one!

In the modern world, we are not spending time on social media ‘cause we are bored (at least not always). There are more than a couple of reasons why we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Why not check them out.

1: Because everyone has a smartphone

No one carries a buttoned phone these days. Everyone has a smartphone, which comes with smart apps. Why wouldn’t you want to download social apps on your smartphone? 

2: Everyone’s doing it

When all your friends are on Snapchat and other social media apps, you would want in too. 

3: Check the news 

Social media networks have become today’s new outlet. No need to turn on the TV to watch local or international news. Scroll through your news feed and you will find updates about the most recent happenings.

4: Networking

Social media works wonders when it comes to networking. Finding people in the same industry as you or sharing the same interests is possible. It just takes a few seconds to connect with someone.

5: Keep in touch with your loved ones

We all have done this – social media lets you know what’s going in the life of a friend or relative you haven’t met in years. 

6: Marketing purposes

If you are a business or a brand, you have got to be present on social media for brand building, brand awareness, selling, and engaging with customers. 

7: Share memes 

Social media have promoted the meme culture tremendously. Our day is incomplete without tagging a friend in a funny or relatable meme. 

8: Get viral

These days, lots of people are on social media to get viral or become the next internet sensation. 

9: Seek social validation

From posting pictures, adding a checking, to sharing your feelings in the form of a post, and receiving snappy comments, etc. – we are on social media to seek validation from others. 

10: Find work

Companies nowadays are posting job openings on their social media accounts. Being on social media can actually help you land on a great employment opportunity.

11: Join online communities 

We human beings like to be a part of something. Social media has made that easy by letting us build and join online communities. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, share your struggles, provide emotional support and let your heart out.

12: Get distracted 

Whenever you want to distract yourself, what do you do? Probably check your Facebook or Instagram, right? It’s much more convenient than turning on the TV to find something worthy to watch. 

13: Find yourself a date

We have social media sites like Tinder for online dating in particular. But who says you can’t find yourself a match on other social media accounts?

Have a close look at their profile picture, check their relationship status, examine their posts to get an idea about their personality, and send them a message. Avoid being creepy, please!

14: Make new friends 

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to meet someone in person to make them a friend. 

I know so many people who got to make new friends via social media by simply commenting on a random post. You don’t even have to land into their DM to start a friendship.

16: A personal outlet

Social media has allowed us to vent out virtually. Angry or sarcastic tweets, vague posts, depressing captions – these are all outlets of releasing your feelings.

When you don’t have anyone to talk to, use social media to express yourself and make your post public. So many people will react and respond, trust me. 

17: Get entertained 

Endless entertainment is out there on social media in the form of funny messages, memes, and videos. One can actually get lost in the ocean of entertainment. 

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