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How to Hire A Flutter App Developer – a Complete and Simple Guide

 How to Hire A Flutter App Developer – a Complete and Simple Guide

Mobile apps have brought a paradigm shift to the way businesses interact with customers. 

A feature-rich mobile application can help a business to serve many purposes, such as streamlining processes and operations, interacting with customers, selling products and services, offering valuable support to customers, and many more. 

Mobile app development is the future, and businesses should develop mobile apps to stay ahead in the game. 

The flutter app development framework has carved a niche for itself by offering some exceptional opportunities in cross-platform development when it comes to mobile app development.

A mobile app developer sitting in any corner of the world would prefer to go for the flutter framework for cross-platform app development rather than other frameworks. 

Do you want to hire a flutter app developer for your flutter app development project? This post is for you then. 

In this post, we will discuss the following topics.

  • Why is the Flutter framework popular? 
  • Things you need to consider while hiring a Flutter app developer
  • Where to find a Good Flutter app developer? 
  • What skills to see in the flutter app developer?

Why is Flutter Framework Popular?

The first and foremost reason why developers love the flutter framework is freedom. They are no more restricted to a particular or specific platform or operating system. With cross-platform approaches, developers can quickly and effortlessly create iOS and Android apps that are feature-rich and highly functional. 

In addition to that, the flutter app development enables developers with a wide range of tools and frameworks. Developers can take the help of these tools when they find issues while developing apps. 

The number of developers using the flutter framework for developing cross-platform applications is increasing with each passing day. The main competitor of the Flutter framework is the react-native framework, with a market share of 42%. On the other hand, the market share of flutter app development has increased from 30% to 39% over the last year. 

Another reason for the popularity of the flutter app framework is its mild learning curve. It is effortless to migrate from one technology to another. If you are an expert on another technology, there is specific documentation for you for Android, iOS, react native, and Xamarin. 

Some other parameters that make the flutter framework popular are excellent community support, constant updates, superior and in-depth documentation and, many more. 

The new Flutter framework released by Google on Aug 5, 2020, has many updates that you should know about, such as a unique interaction widget, autofill for mobile text fields, mouse hit-testing, responsive licenses page, network tracking updates, and many more. 

What are the requirements to hire a Flutter app developer?

Flutter has become one of the most preferred frameworks for mobile app development due to various reasons and advantages. When you are looking to hire flutter app developers, there are many things you need to remember, including requirements. 

If you are looking for a junior flutter app developer, ask for 1-2 years of experience, and for middle and senior positions, ask for 3-4 and 5+ years experience. 

Some of the requirements that you need to look into a flutter app developer are:

  • At least three years of core flutter app development experience. The candidate must have worked in a flutter app development environment to build cross-platform, native applications. 
  • Also, the candidate must have adequate knowledge of technologies such as Java and Kotlin for Android, Swift, and Objective-C for iOS, React Native for hybrid development, SQLite, MYSQL, PostgreSQL databases, REST APIs, GIT, Jira. 
  • Furthermore, the candidate must also know about Flutter SDK, Android Studio and IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, etc. 
  • Also, the candidate must be familiar with agile development approaches. 

In addition to that, the flutter app developer must be fluent with the new Flutter version. The flutter cross-platform app development is advancing at a rapid speed. The developer must be able to cope with it by updating himself. 

The duties and responsibilities of flutter app developers are:

  • They should be good at problem-solving and offering logical suggestions to issues. 
  • They must be able to carry out the requirement analysis and can do app architecture planning
  • They should be able to write comprehensive documentation. 
  • They should know flutter app development, testing, maintenance and support, and app functionality expansion. 
  • They should possess exceptional communication skills. 
  • They should be team players. 

How to hire a flutter app development company or a freelance developer? 

Now, let’s discuss some of the things you need to consider while hiring a flutter app development company or a flutter app developer. 

What are your needs? 

The first thing to consider here is to define your needs. What are your initial project requirements? What are your goals for the flutter development? It is your business, and you know about the purposes you want to address through the app. When you have a clear list of needs you want your app addresses, it will help you hire a flutter app development service provider company to help you achieve them. 

Check online reviews 

There are many review and research platforms, such as Good firms and Clutch, where you can find the best flutter app development companies and freelancers. You can check out whether the company is competent enough to accomplish your project. You will be able to check the reviews of the other clients. 

Visit the website of the company. 

Check out the website of the flutter app development company. You will know about the services the company offers and the technologies it deals with. Companies nowadays share the details of their previous projects, which might help you get better insights. 

Discuss with the company officials 

You want to discuss your requirements first, don’t you? For that, you need to discuss with the company representative. Discuss what you are looking for, including IP regulations, security issues, communication conditions, and other essential things. 

Choose the Engagement Model 

Once you select the company for flutter app development, select the engagement model that suits your budget and preferences. Different companies have different models. You can hire flutter app developers who will dedicatedly work for you, or you can hire a team of flutter app developers. Check the available engagement models the company has to offer and choose one of them. 


When it comes to hiring a flutter app developer or a company, being transparent with them about your requirements is the main thing. 

Discuss everything in detail to avoid any unwanted situations occurring later on. Hire flutter app developers who can bring expertise to the table and offer you a mobile app that serves the core purposes. 

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