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5 Best Things to do in Cairns

 5 Best Things to do in Cairns

Want to spend these summer vacations in a city full of scenic landscapes and natural wonders? Or are you planning to give some quality time to your life partner and kids in the laps of some marvelous idyllic locations in Australia? Well, if you are thinking about Cairns, then you are right!!!

Cairns, which is considered the gateway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, is located in tropical North Queensland. Full of natural jewels and palm-lined streets, the city is a great destination for several interesting things to do. You can find a boat for rowing around its coasts or enjoy a great day at its water-themed amusement parks, Cairns is ready to impress you completely. 

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Great Barrier Reef exploration

Visitors get a thrilling opportunity to dive under the waters and explore the massive Great Barrier Reef. It is the world's largest coral reef, which is listed on the world heritage list. Visitors are offered aerial as well as underwater expeditions to find what makes this site a special one. 

Dive and snorkel tours, for both professionals and beginners, are on board with the tour companies like Quicksilver Cruises and Great Adventures, which provide equipment, comfortable vessels, and onboard dining options to tourists. 

Hang out at the Cairns Esplanade

Hey, guys!! Do you know what an Esplanade is? No? Then find out here in Cairns!! You will get a lot of pleasurable activities in Cairns Esplanade. Whether it's swimming, strolling, dining, or catching some rays, a memorable holiday is eagerly waiting for your arrival in the city. 

The site is beautifully lined up with takeaway shops, bars, and fine-dining seafood restaurants, with a delightful mix of lush tropical parks, playgrounds, a swimming lagoon, and a foreshore promenade. You will get whatever you want, here in Cairns Esplanade. Go to the United Airlines Official Site and get the best experiences. 

Raft at the Barron river

How about thrilling rafting at the Barron River? Full of adrenaline rush moments, this activity will take your soul away!!! Imagine yourself flowing over the waters of a violent river, striking over big stones on the way, splashes hitting the face, and getting some unexpected moments with your loved ones!! 

Just a 20-minute drive from town, the Barron Gorge National Park will add some topping to your trip cake. Explore the serene vibes of its stunning wilderness areas, and flow along with the unspoiled natural beauty of this park. 

Relax at the Cairns Botanic Gardens

Folks, take a chill pill at the lush green kaleidoscopic gardens showcasing more than 4,000 different species of plants!!! Are you a nature lover? Then put your steps in the Cairns Botanic Gardens. Created in 1886, its home to some of the rarest plant species in the world, visitors are offered to watch a variety of tropical fruit trees, orchids, vines, and the pungent Amorphophallus Titanum flower.

Plus a piece of good news for you: the admission is free with a bonus of self-guided tours along the greenish paths of the gardens. That would not be enough until you go there and find what's so special. Reservation of tickets is made easy through the United Airlines Reservations portal. 

Visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park 

Find yourself lost in the charming sights of the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park!! Full of liveliness and wonders, the cultural park displays rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions. Families often capture scenic views in their camera and vow to come here once again. You should also include the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park in your must-visit itinerary and know what is hidden in its heart-touching sceneries. 

So, folks!! If you are interested too, then ask your family members and friends about this sweet journey that will put a memorable impression on your mind and soul. Something is special here in Cairns. You just have to go to the United Airlines Flight Booking portal and book tickets for your entire family. 

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