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5 Ways to Make Travel More Exciting


5 Ways to Make Travel More Exciting

If you have an upcoming getaway planned, then you may be starting to get excited as the day draws closer, especially if this will be your first time traveling for a while, or better still, the first time ever. Nevertheless, there are ways to make your adventure even more exciting. Here are 5 different ideas to upgrade your experience.

Travel by Plane

There are many reasons to travel to your destination by airplane - maybe it’s the inflight service, the beautiful airports or the chance to travel a different way to how you normally would on your daily commute. Air travel can really add to the excitement of your holiday and has much fewer risks than any other form of travel, with the chance of being involved in an airplane crash lower than being struck by lightning. 

The greatest benefit is how fast you can get to your destination and that this form of travel opens opportunities to see places that you wouldn’t be able to reach using other methods of transport. For example, you could reach the Galapagos Islands or Nauru, the most unvisited country in the world! Let’s also not forget the gorgeous views that you can expect to witness if you are lucky enough to sit at a window seat, or the inflight entertainment if these don’t bother you so much.

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Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

You may have noticed that when you go to book your accommodation for a tourist destination, most of the hotels all look the same. This is because they want to provide a homely feel for tourists and offer them all the modern-day amenities. This is great for convenience and often a hassle-free option for families. 

However, if you are a solo traveler or traveling with a group of friends, then you can make your stay more exciting. Look for unique hostels in the area where you can meet other fellow travelers and share experiences over some local delicacies or perhaps, for a larger group, look for a lodge or a villa with less expense and more opportunity to socialize. 

Pick a Random Destination

If you have plans to travel but are not sure where to go just yet, then you can try something completely spontaneous and ask a friend to pick a country for you or use an online calculator to generate a random country. This is an exciting way to end up somewhere that would have never crossed your mind and challenge you to jump out of your comfort zone and learn about different places. 

Make it a rule that you take the first country generated, or keep generating different countries to get a better idea of what you could explore. 

Don’t Overcomplicate It

It is tempting when you are in a foreign country to fill your days with excursions and adventures that will have you rushed off your feet, traveling from place to place. This is a great way to immerse yourself in a country in a short amount of time, but it can make your trip more complicated than you first intended and sometimes take the excitement out of traveling. 

Remember that the best things in life are often simple and free in order to take the excitement out of every day you are on holiday. Go with the flow and enjoy the slow pace of life by taking long walks and spending late afternoons on the beach or in a park to plan your next move, or to simply just revel in the moment. 

Eat and Drink Like a Local

Food and drink are another great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, whether it’s tapas from Spain, bratwurst from Germany, or a cheesecake in New York - you will never forget the moment you first tried food from its original hometown. Trying new things is exciting - sometimes you might not like it but you’ll always have a story to tell either way, so make sure that you push yourself out of your flavor comfort zone and have fun experimenting. 

Be aware of tourist traps, where restaurants and bars charge higher prices to catch you out and aim for cheaper alternatives where the locals go, such as roadside restaurants or street food markets. These will not only be cheaper but can also provide you with a new experience!

Traveling should always be an exciting time and can be either challenging or relaxing, depending on what suits you best. Using these ideas, you can make the most out of the time spent traveling and ensure that stress is kept to a minimum.


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