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E-Visa is a formal document authorizing entry & travel within a country. Applicants receive their visas digitally after entering the needed information and producing payments by a card (Visa, Master Card, or Union Pay).

Turkey E-Visa - Official Entry Document

Turkey is a famous tourist destination acknowledged for its Mediterranean coastline, majestic mosques, and remarkable natural scenery. In this regard, for the convenience of the tourists and travelers, the Turkish government has launched E- visa. Earlier, it was likely to get a visa at the airport, and in most cases; the travelers need to have their papers in order before departing. Applying for a visa at the counter at the airport is no longer desirable. 

With the Turkish e-visa, it is possible to apply for a visa by only using your computer. This complete process is digital and has become possible in 2013. One can use Natvisa as it is a partner during traveling. Usually, the request is approved quickly. The traveler will then obtain the digital visa by e-mail. This can be issued if desired. 

A Turkey e-visa is more affordable than the old paper visa. Moreover, this saves long lines at the airport. Travelers that apply for the Turkey e-visa can lead straight on when arriving at the airport. Travelers can apply for their Visa by filling out the Turkey e Visa application. The process is so simple; submit an online application, pay for the e-Visa, and then wait for the email. The document will come in PDF.

Who Are Allowed Entry Through eVisa?

The e-Visa of Turkey is achievable through an easy online method for tourists of over 40 states. There are an extra 60 countries that may put in application for an e-Visa through Natvisa & can get a turkey visa on arrival but they must satisfy some additional conditions such as having a valid visa or residency permit from the Schengen states, Ireland, the UK, or the US. Some countries also have age constraints. 

The easiest way to view the requirements is to visit the application page and enter the nationality. One does not have to obtain a visa if he/she is not referring to leave the universal movement area. Tourists who come to seaports and plan to visit cities or near provinces for tourist purposes are also excluded from a visa, shown that their stay does not exceed seventy two hours.

Validity for Turkey eVisa

The highest stay in Turkey on e-Visa covers from 30 to 180 days in total depending on the tourist’s country. Electronic Visa is legitimate for hundred & 80 days after landing (maybe on the same-day). If one utilizes or exceeds this limit, they may be holding their request and apply at some proper time. This shows that the person can request to apply at any time. The Turkish e-Visa (accessible by Natvisa), that supersedes former visa stickers was built to facilitate visa request method which in return grants visitors to save their time appealing for the visa when accessing the country.

Requirements for Visa Application

Applicants from all over Turkey e-Visa eligible states who are willing to visit Turkey are mandatory to achieve the online e visa request form with info as personal ones & of passport to enter the state for tourism or transit purposes. 

To request for an e visa, all the requests from eligible countries are mandatory to; carry a passport lasts for minimum 6 months far off the duration of the stay in Turkey, provide their existing email address to have the approval of Turkey tourist online visa, give a debit or credit card to give the Turkey e-Visa fee. On green signal, the tourist essentially prints a photocopy of the e-Visa for Turkey, to display the officials of the border of Turkish visa on arrival. Last but not the least; there may be sure other needs for giving support turning on the person’s nationality.

When to Apply for eVisa?

One can apply for the Turkish e-Visa any time before the travel through Natvisa as it is considered as one of the best websites. However, it is advisable to make an e-Visa request at least forty eight hours before departure. The processing of visa applications by the Turkish Government can take up to 10 to 14 hours. If someone orders before 11:00 PM, he/she will receive a visa the same day. The authorities always advise applying for the E-visa in time. 

Even, they can apply up to 90 days before his/her arrival in Turkey. Turkish e-Visa can be used for tourism, transit, and business purposes. A person can apply for a visa with a valid passport from one of the eligible countries listed above. Turkey is a remarkable nation with beyond belief attractions and landmarks to see. 

Among some of Turkey’s most magnificent attractions including the Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, or Cappadocia. It is a country of bustling cities with extremely interesting mosques and gardens. The country boasts a dynamic and rich culture, has an impressive architectural heritage & history. The Turkey e-Visa can be used to captivate in business ventures, attend conferences or events. The visa is valid for transit aims as well.


The approval of the e Visa is a very bold and perfect step towards the betterment of the country by the Turkish government. Through this, the country will get a boost in its economy as people from almost half of the world will visit turkey in the next 3 to 4 years. One can apply for an e visa at any time of the day. 

Also, if it would be from the countries mentioned eligible above, it would take only 12 hours for the authorities to approve that. Moreover, if someone is in urgent need of a visa, it is recommended to submit an urgent application one day before the traveling and that would be generally granted within 14 minutes. In this way, whenever you want to enjoy peaceful and joyful days in Turkey, you can go whenever you want.

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