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5 common mistakes to avoid when purchasing health insurance policies

 5 common mistakes to avoid when purchasing health insurance policies

Accidents come unannounced, but at least you can be financially prepared for them beforehand by having the right health insurance policy. Now, the thing about health insurance plans is that their significance is known to most, but the exact way of choosing them isn’t too clear to many.

Consequently, mistakes like overlooking the policy riders or skipping the fine print on the policy are more common than what one might think. As such, even getting the best health insurance policy might not be of much use if you have made any of the following five mistakes in your decision.

1. Mistakenly Selecting Insufficient Insurance Coverage

In some respect, the cost of the insurance premium determines the amount of insurance coverage that you receive from the plan. But for a vast majority of people, the cost of their insurance premium turns out to be the basis of their choice to buy a policy. Though it is completely your choice, at least make sure that the policy offers sufficient coverage.

If you want to be sure about getting sufficient coverage, you can try comparing plans across insurers to see what most of them cover and watch out for outliers. To sum up, the cost of insurance premiums might be a crucial factor in choosing the right health insurance policy, but it isn’t the only factor. If you solely go by the cost of the premium, your insurance might not be of much use in your time of need.

2. Not Factoring The Add-Ons To The Insurance Policy

For a policy to be truly effective at your time of need, you should go for a comprehensive plan that isn’t all about basic coverage. Of course, the reason to stick to simple healthcare coverage is its affordability. But having something like an accident rider or critical illness rider as an add-on to the basic plan can make a huge difference during emergencies.

A comprehensive cover that includes necessary riders would help you better during unforeseen events. Even if you do not add a rider, make sure to choose family health insurance plans that cover the cashless claim process, renewal for life facility, and so on.

3. Missing The Fine Print On Policy Documents

The terms and conditions stated in the policy document offer complete transparency regarding when it's applicable, and most importantly, when it isn't. Missing the fine print means overlooking crucial bits of information that can help to determine whether a policy is worth purchasing.

Though knowing the policy coverage is significant, knowing its exclusion is also crucial. So, before you put your signature on those dotted lines, carefully consider all the details in the fine print. Feel free to ask your agent about any doubts or queries you might have about the policy. It is necessary to be doubly sure about the healthcare policy you are investing in.

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4. Relying On The Same Insurance Provider

When policyholders are committed to a provider for a different or prior financial instrument, it might be difficult for them to consider going for a different insurer. After all, knowing the details of working with a new insurer and going through the entire process of setting up an account is a bit of a hassle. But isn't it worth bearing the extra hassle for the additional amount you can save on the same health policy they offer at a lower premium cost?

When two similar policies from two different insurers differ in premium costs, it's the amount you save that should influence your decision. There is no point in giving in to the convenience of sticking to the same insurer when you are paying more for the same coverage.

5. Hiding Medical History From The Insurer

This mistake is usually the result of wrong assumptions about how much the insurers need to know about your health condition. An insurer will need the details of your medical history to offer you a healthcare insurance policy. Now, you can conceal your medical history from the insurer. But this isn't a wise thing to do, not only because your policy will get nullified if the insurer finds out the truth.

Your medical details are essential for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s required at the time of claim settlement to evaluate why the insurer should cover your medical costs. Secondly, it’s needed at the time of the application process to give the insurer an idea about their ability to help you when it comes to covering your bills under the healthcare plan.

Signing Off

Getting a health insurance policy is not a decision that you take in haste. It's a matter of careful consideration because it’s an investment towards the health of you and your family. So, if you are planning to buy a health insurance policy, make sure to keep these five points in mind while evaluating your options.

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