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Here are three easy ways you can improve productivity at work

 Here are three easy ways you can improve productivity at work

It does not matter whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or an intern, maintaining and improving workplace productivity is a daily challenge that often feels like a losing battle. chan

After all, there is only so much time in a working day and, unless you are Elon Musk, taking your work home with you will only sap your motivation and energy in the long term.

So, how can you extricate yourself from this vicious cycle?

Well, thankfully the answers are not as unobtainable as you might think.

In fact, by implementing a few easy tips and tricks, you can massively improve your daily productivity, no matter what work you are doing.

Here are three easy ways you can improve productivity at work: 

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Communication is Crucial

One of the most important aspects of improving workplace productivity is effective communication. This might sound obvious, but efficient communication is incredibly rare in most workplaces. 

Now, it is important to point out that there is not one single form of effective communication. Obviously, it can be anything from taking a coffee order to closing a multi-million-dollar deal, but the basic principles are one and the same. 

So, take your communication back to basics. 

Take the importance of honesty and clarity in communication, for example. Do not be afraid to speak your mind, as long as it is constructive. If you are a business leader, this means pulling no punches when an employee has underperformed or if a target desperately needs to be met. If you are clear and firm enough in the first place, you reduce the likelihood of a misunderstanding or an argument when you grow frustrated, forgetting that you never told the person what you wanted them to do. 

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Mix Up Who You Work With

A common killer of workplace productivity is stagnation. If you work at the same desk with the same people day in-day out, solving problems in the same way every time, your mind naturally switches off and goes into limp-home mode. The good news is that you can prevent this by mixing up the people who you work with, the place you work or both. Now, this is not realistic for many people, as these factors are largely out of their control.

However, that does not mean you cannot remember the principle. Even small changes like changing the layout and appearance of your desk, where you go for your lunch breaks and reading or watching different books and tv shows in your free time can have the same effect (albeit on a diluted scale).

Keep on top of your time

Another huge productivity drain is bad time management. There are only so many hours in each day and you need to use every second to your advantage. 

This means being extra vigilant when it comes to phone calls (consider taking them at allocated times), replying to unnecessary emails, hosting five meetings when one will do, and literally monitoring the time it takes you to complete different tasks, timing yourself to see how you improve. 

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