Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Free VPN or Paid VPN: Which one you should consider?

 Free VPN or Paid VPN: Which one you should consider?

The VPN service is designed to encrypt your internet connection. This is done by changing our location (IP address) and introducing additional protection. In this way, it allows us to maintain privacy and protects the data transmitted.

In practice, a paid solution, as appreciated in the world, VPNGuru is a universal service comes in the list of the most popular VPNs of 2021. Universal in terms of a service that offers a number of solutions that characterize the valued VPN services. 

VPNGuru offers, among others many types of connections, it is inexpensive in terms of the number of devices supported, it is constantly developed and supported, it is secure, and each of the servers running on the VPN works really well. It provides a high level of data protection and cares about our privacy.

This way, when you choose VPNGuru, you can be sure that you are using the best whole-home solution throughout the service life. How do their free VPN counterparts compare to this and other paid VPN services? It depends on what we expect. If our decision is determined only by the price - paid solutions lose. However, if you add any reason to the price, such as privacy, high-quality VPN servers, stable and fast network connection, various connection types to suit your needs, etc., you find that there is a huge difference between paid and free VPN services.

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Free services can be very costly

There are no services that are completely free. There is always a fee, if it is not immediately visible, it is hidden, e.g. in the form of advertising or the lack of specific functionalities. Sometimes their absence can make using a VPN connection invalid.

Some free applications do not encrypt the connection at all or use the PPP (Point to Point) tunneling protocol. If they encrypt data, most often using 128-bit encryption.

Free services usually carry a certain risk - selling. Even if we do not buy anything (we do not pay for it), our data is most likely sold, e.g. the privacy we strive for using a VPN. This also applies to advertisements that are apparently not invasive but still visible and paid for by third parties. Lack of funds for development is also often associated with low quality of the service provided. Poor connection, no or poor data encryption, few and unstable VPN servers.

This lack of technical background means that the VPN is based on third-party solutions. Another entity involved in the service provided. Additionally, many free VPN operators (network service and VPN servers themselves) record the activity of their users. This data is passed on – resold.

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Free But Useful

Keeping in mind the legal use of a VPN, we can also find positive sides of free solutions. They enable, among others using the basic functionalities of the VPN UAE network, which can be, among others introducing an additional layer of user protection. Assuming there is one. As well as the IP address change service. The latter element of a free VPN service is one of the most important reasons for using such services today. Thanks to the network, we can quickly move to any region in the world and then, for example, do online shopping.

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