Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Fake News and Social Media

What is Fake News

Fake news is this type of yellow type that consists of orchestrated misinformation or lies that are shared through the traditional type, rebroadcast by channels, or even through internet media. Fake news is written with the intention of disorienting the reader, often with the use of sensual, exaggerated, or even fake headlines, in order to gain his attention in order to have political or economic benefits.
A satire or parody that may not be intended to harm but has the potential to create a false image in the audience.

The false link between the content and the headings and/or the accompanying graphics.

Disorienting content in order to change the perspective of an issue or a person's relationship with it.

Content that the actual data has been shared with false and supposedly related facts.

Content that mixes fake and real sources.

Content that has been tampered with in order to appear as something other than what it is.

Fully constructed content designed to slander and/or harm someone.

Impressive titles can make these stories extremely popular. This can be seen from the results of an analysis by BuzzFeed News in which it was found that in the three months before the US elections, the top fake news created more loyalty than the top stories from the largest and most established news sites Buy Instagram Followers Canada.

More specifically, the top 20 fake news gave 8,711,0000 shares, reactions, and comments while the top 20 news gave only 7,367,000. BuzzFeed reported that the top false history of elections in the three months before the election was "Pope Francis shock the world by adopting the Donald Trump for President in accordance with his statement."

How to distinguish them:

The British independent fact-finding charity Full Fact provided the following tips for detecting fake news:

Be skeptical of titles. Fake news often has catchy headlines full of exclamations.

Look carefully at the URL. A misleading or similar URL can be a warning sign of false news.

Investigate the source. Make sure the story is written by a trusted source who is known for its accuracy.

Watch out for unusual formatting. Many fake news sites have misspellings or random layouts.

Look at the photos. Fake news often contains manipulated images or videos.

Check the dates. Fake news can contain timeless sequences.

Check the evidence.

See other reports. If no other news source tells the same story then this may indicate that the story is false.

Is the story a joke?

Some stories are intentionally false. Think critically about the stories you read and only share the news that you know is credible.

How social media is used and why.

The main reason Facebook is used to spread such news is that the spread and reach you can get through this platform is extremely strong and various reports have already shown that the platform can be used to change the views of people based on emotional factors. Therefore, the possibility of misuse is a major concern - for example, if a political party could identify specific users who were more prone to a particular type of message, they could target them with ads that focus on their fears.

This is essentially how Cambridge Analytica, a political communications company, has been able to help various political movements - including the Trump campaign and the Brexit campaign - gain momentum.

Finding "already convinced" voters are the key to any campaign, and with such a wealth of data, Cambridge Analytica could target people with material that could excite them, for example, with images of immigrants flooding the country. . The key to the campaign was to find emotional "scandals" for each individual voter.

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