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When to Visit a Gynaecologist and why?

 When to Visit a Gynaecologist and why?

There are various things that a woman should be careful about. But one thing that is must for her is regular check-ups. When you are suffering from a particular ailment or health condition, at that time it becomes crucial that you visit the concerned doctor as often as possible.

Apart from anything and everything, it is equally crucial that you visit your doctor regularly if you want to stay healthy, fit and away from ailments.  Have you ever been to a gynaecologist in your life?  

You can visit the Lady doctor in Hyderabad who will evaluate you and keep a check on your overall health. It is all about your health.  

These gynaecologists deal with a massive gamut of issues such as pregnancy, childbirth and obstetrics, menstruation and fertility things, sexually transmitted issues (stis), hormone disorders, and so on. There are so many things that a female doctor can tell you and you can be healthier.

To put it in simple words, gynaecologist is an expert who is a professional in the health of the women organs. There are many women who begin to visit a gynaecologist right from their early teens and continue to attend a clinic for usual issues. Many specialists advise women to visit a gynaecologist yearly for a check-up, and any time they have any sort of symptoms that concern them.

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When should you visit a gynaecologist?

A visit to the gynaecologist is suggested for annual screening and any time a female has any sort of concerns about symptoms such as pelvic, and vaginal pain or irregular bleeding from the uterus. These are the instances when no type of negligence must be done. If you are experiencing any such issues, you should go to a gynaecologist or female doctor right away. After all, these doctors are there to help you and suggest you for the better outcomes.

There are many conditions that are generally treated by gynaecologist and some of these are:

  • Issues relating to pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, and menopause. 
  • Family planning, including sterilization, contraception, and pregnancy termination
  • Problems with tissues that support the pelvic organs, like ligaments and muscles
  • Stis
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Urinary and faecal incontinence
  • Benevolent situations of the reproductive tract, as an example , ovarian cysts, fibroids,  breast disorders, vulvar and vaginal ulcers, and of course other non-cancerous changes
  • Premalignant conditions such as endometrial hyperplasia, and even cervical dysplasia
  • Cancers linked to the reproductive tract and the breasts, and pregnancy-linked tumours
  • Congenital indiscretions of the female reproductive tract
  • Emergency care associated with gynaecology.
  • Sexual dysfunction 
  • Endometriosis, a chronic condition that impacts the reproductive system
  • Pelvic inflammatory ailments , encompassing abscesses
  • Sexuality, such as health issues linked with  same-sex and bisexual relationships

Otherwise too, if you experience any uneasiness with your body or overall health, consulting the right doctor is important.


So,  you can approach female doctors in Hyderabad and get yourself examined without any hesitation. Timely actions are always better to fight any ailment or condition.

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