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Indian Fashion terms you should be familiar with

 Indian Fashion terms you should be familiar with

Do you know what Bandhani means or baluchari means? No? do not worry, we are here to make you aware of some fashion terms you should be familiar with as it can be useful on many occasions, irrespective of whether you are a fashion aspirant or not. Some popular traditional crafts on Indian sarees are:


Bandhini refers to Rajasthani art in which decoration is done by plucking the cloth with fingernails into tiny bindings, leading to a figurative design. Natural colours are usually used in this type of tie-dye textile, reflecting a highly skilled process. The earliest evidence of it can be seen in the 6th century when the life of Buddha was depicted in Ajanta caves with bandhani dots' help.


Aari work refers to a style of hand embroidery with the help of which sequins, glitter etc., is sewn. The process involves a hook piled from the top but is fed by the silk thread that comes from below, leading to a shiny or glamorous look.


Baluchari is a type of saree worn by women in West Bengal is popular for its depiction of mythological scenes present on the pallu of the saree. In 2011, the geographical indication status of West Bengal was given to Baluchari. 

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Benarsi is one of the richest homegrown silk woven from the yarn found in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. They are popular for their zari work or opulent embroidery, making it heavy and elegant.


Chanderi is a type of fabric found in the chanderi town of Madhya Pradesh, India known for the sheer texture of glossy transparency that it reflects with cotton, silk and zari used in the process together. 


Chikankari is a famous form of embroidery from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It can be traced back to the 3rd century when the Megasthenes made a similar reference. In this method, white thread is used for embroidery on cool pastel shades of cotton garments or muslin cloths.


Gota Patti is an embroidery work which reflects zari ribbon through applique on the fabric, in different shapes, so that elaborate patterns are formed. It is one of the most famous embroidery works in Rajasthan being lightweight.


Ikat stands for binding in the Indonesian language, which uses resist dyeing technique before weaving or dyeing it. There is an apparent blurriness in the design, which makes it a distinct feature of Ikat. It has its origin in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. 


Jamdani refers to one of the finest muslin textiles found in Bengal, which found its origin in the book of periplus of the Erythrean sea. It is one of the most time consuming or labour intensive processes when it comes to handloom weaving. 


Kantha is an embroidery craft practiced in India's Eastern region, especially West Bengal, Orissa or Tripura. This type of embroidery is usually done on plain fabric such as off white or other colors on the light side.


Leheriya (from the Rajasthani word weave) is a traditional Indian fashion or tie-dye technique of Rajasthan resulting in different patterns on bright colored cloths. It is usually done on silk or cotton, in lengths which are perfect for sarees, dupatta etc.


Phulkari is an embroidery technique that belongs to Punjab with a mix of threadwork and sequins. When the word is broken down, it forms the meaning of flower work. It uses bright colours, and suits or dupattas employing this embroidery technique are popular today.


Shisha refers to mirror work from Gujarat, reflecting a sparkly, festive look. This technique includes putting pieces of mirrors on fabric using thread.

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Zari is a Persian word which means gold embroidery. It refers to an even thread woven into the fabric to make intricate patterns or designs, usually used as brocade in sarees.

And the list does not end here! It goes on as our country reflects so much diversity in each aspect, reflecting exquisite designs or patterns and fashion styles different from others. Many of these styles are from ancient times, and the skills have been passed from generation to generation. People worldwide are fascinated by the styles that we have to offer as it has so much detail and distinct features to it, that they have never seen before. As an Indian, we should take pride in our art and should be aware of these terms.


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