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Men’s Innerwear Trends Through the Decades


Men’s Innerwear Trends Through the Decades

It is no hidden fact that your outfit is a very important part of your day-to-day life. Based on the occasion, the kind of attire you choose to wear plays a crucial role in determining your impression. While your outerwear is of course very important, we sometimes miss out on the importance your innerwear plays in making your outfit better. 

You can feel empowered and confident in a suit or even pyjamas, but it will only last a few minutes if you are not wearing the right kind of innerwear. From saving your pants from perspiration to support and comfort, your underwear is arguably the most important part of your outfit. 

Over the years men’s innerwear has undergone a lot of trends. Here is a sneak-peak into these trends:

1. The Ancient Times: the infamous loincloth trend

The very first form of men’s underwear was none other than a loincloth! The loincloth was often just a single piece of cloth that was wrapped around the groin and hips to cover the area carefully and eliminate skin-to-skin contact. 

They would come in all types of shapes and sizes, depending on the local culture that it was inspired by. Loincloth has shown up so frequently while describing a man back in that era, it can be assumed that it was favoured everyday wear for men. What is more interesting is that they can be seen in a plethora of patterns and colours in the images.

Several cultures across the centuries have used loincloth in their way to invent their significant way of wearing it. Some of them are: 

The Mediterranean

Mediterranean people had their unique spin-off of a loincloth. The ancient Egyptian loincloths, known as Schenti, were made with the help of linen that was tied towards the front. 

Since a majority of the lower-class people owned a very little amount of clothing, this way of fashioning underwear was deemed acceptable as outerwear by society. On the other hand, when it came to seafaring Minoans of Crete, they had their interesting way of styling a loincloth. 

The Americans

Americans had their version of styling the loincloth. While studying history, you will be surprised to witness loincloth features prominently in the indigenous American cultures between antiquity to roughly the 14th century!

American men had a way of wearing their loincloths in such a way that a long strip of the cloth would hang downwards like a tail. This can also be understood as an eye-catching decorative improvisation.

2. The Medieval Era (between 400-1400 AD)

After the popular trend of loincloth, when one moves to the medieval some new and intriguing trends can be observed in men’s underwear.

First came the knee-length Braies, which were loose-fitting linen or woolen trousers that were either buttoned or tied close. This type of garment became famous at first with the Celtic and German people in antiquity but started witnessing a higher widespread in the middle ages. 

Braies were often fitted with a front flap, known as the codpiece, which could be unfastened easily. This allowed men to urinate without having to remove the full garment. This was considered a revolutionary development. 

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3. The Industrial Age (between 1800-1900 AD)

The industrial age was the era when manufacturers shifted their focus towards comfort rather than style.

The Union Suit

Although it started as a woman’s garment, the union suit, which was a buttoned one-piece garment with long sleeves and pants, soon took off as a popular men’s innerwear. 

The Jockstrap

After the Union suit, in the year 1874, invented the Jockstrap while working for a Chicago sporting goods company.  The jockstrap consisted of an elastic waistband with a supportive pouch along with two straps attached to the base of the pouch on either side. Initially, this invention was rolled out to help sportsmen, like cyclists, and offer them a more comfortable underwear choice, but soon it became a popular choice amongst the men of that era.

4. The Modern Age (from 1900- present day)

Moving on from the industrial age and after constant improvisations and developments, underwear trends like boxers for men and briefs were invented that are much more recognizable today. 

The very first line of briefs was released in 1935, and it featured a garment with an elastic band around the waist and both legs near the groin. Soon it was improvised into a Y-shaped fly for easy access while in a jam.

Alongside briefs, boxers made their entry in the market with a design that consisted of a band around the waist but lacked any along the legs. 

Soon styles like trunk boxers, boxer-briefs, athletic-style boxer briefs, and midway briefs came into the picture, giving the men a variety of options to choose for according to their preference. 

Today, boxers and briefs are ruling the market more significantly. Buy the best boxers, briefs, and trunks for men and experience comfort at its best!

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