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7 Reasons why you should shift to Ayurvedic bath products.

 7 Reasons why you should shift to Ayurvedic bath products.

In our country, bathing is considered a representation of purifying, not just your physical self but also spiritual. It is also associated with various other benefits such as improving sleep, appetite, life span and enthusiasm while warm and cold water has advantages like enhancing digestion, circulation, or relieving stress etc.

Ayurveda is an amalgamation of the Sanskrit words “Ayur” which means life and “Veda” which means knowledge. It is considered the oldest form of medicine that came into being almost 5000 years ago. 

Its relevance stays unbeatable as Ayurveda used to treat people even when there were no capsules or doctors by our ancestors possessing knowledge of herbs or plants. In such a fast-paced life, we all need a healthy mind and body to function properly or lead a healthy life or long life. But how to do it? It’s not that difficult; all you need is some changes in your daily lifestyle, such as using ayurvedic bath products. 

In Ayurveda or ashtanga hridayam, bathing is considered a therapeutic activity for balancing mind, body and spirit. It forms an integral part of the daily ayurvedic routine as it relaxes the tense muscles, opens pores that are clogged, removes sweat, dirt or toxins and restores the moisture of the skin if correct products are used. Some reasons why you should shift to ayurvedic products are:

Answer to a glowing skin or healthy hair.

When you are positive from inside it reflects in your personality, organic beauty products or ayurvedic products like facial oil, scrubs generally nourish the skin. It ensures that by using natural ingredients, you achieve the glowing skin that you dream of. As ayurvedic products are rich in calcium, vitamins, flavonoids, and many other nutrients it aids in healthy hair and light on the pocket. 

No side effects.

When it comes to using chemically made products or commercial bathing products, side effects like skin ageing, skin allergies, hair fall etc. are common. In contrast, ayurvedic products are natural products that are gentle on your body.

Retains natural oil in the body.

Using a chemical-based soap leads to ripping off the natural oil present in the body that supports keeping our skin hydrated due to which it makes our skin dry which can lead to cracks in the skin, allergies etc.

SLS and paraben-free products

SLS and paraben-free products give an advantage over commercial, SLS or paraben-filled products such as eliminating inflammation or irritation, moisture retention, oil retention, environment-friendly, and natural and safe. Some studies show that paraben products have to lead to cancer in patients as numerous preservatives are used on the skin every day, so focusing on the ingredients of every product becomes essential.


Even after providing natural or organic products beneficial for health, ayurvedic products are cost-effective as commercially made products intend to make the most profit by reducing the quality and increasing the margin.

Hormonal balance

In 2010, a study found that Ayurveda aids in hormonal balance naturally or contains essential oils with therapeutic properties, helping eliminate hormonal imbalance which causes fatigue, hair loss, digestive issues, disturbed sleep pattern, acne etc.

Detoxifies the body

Ayurveda provides highly sophisticated techniques like Shirodhara which means an uninterrupted flow of liquid to the head leading to relaxation of nerve cells, abhyangam etc. when it comes to detoxification, restoring or strengthening an individual’s health.

The miracles of ayurvedic products like bath products are not limited to this list; they have a lot more to offer. We tend to spend so much on things that are not that useful and regret later and ignore the most significant aspect of our health. So make sure you spend on something beneficial for your physical and spiritual being, aiding in a long life. Nothing beats natural, in any aspect!

Once we make changes in our lifestyle, each aspect of our life changes, be it the way you look at your problems, the way you look at yourself,  the way you feel, your immunity, everything. This pandemic has given us a reality check that nothing matters more than your health or the health of your family. Make sure you make the right choices when it comes to the little things like choosing bath products as it is the little things that make something big.

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